Slap Nutrition Discount Code

Hi all! I had a great long run this morning & came back to find out some exciting news! 

So I’ve been using & creating with Slap Nutrition products the past month & loving it. In fact, I’ve had this meal 2 days straight- healthy proteincookies & icecream (400kcals for the batch of cookies and bowl of ice cream)!

  • I’ve started a new tab exclusively for “Slap Recipes– code REBEKAH” in my Recipe tab above! 

Here’s a photo of their protein- very simple ingredients & great macros👍🏼

Here’s some photos of my original Slap Recipes! And I’m sure I’ll be making more 💕🙌🏼

It also works amazingly in my favorite FAILPROOF recipes! 

  • The SlapJacks protein pancake mix can sub for any of the other protein pancake mixes 
  • The Slap protein powder subs in perfectly for the the other protein powders I was using in those recipes. Yes! Even my protein ice cream (which was highly important for me) 🙂 

You can now use code REBEKAH for a discount on all Slap products 💕

Enjoy! Please tag me @RebekahKFit if you try any recipes or slap products! I love seeing them and reposting! 💕


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