3-ingredient Protein Pancake cookies 

These Soft cookies are 3ingredients, 77kcals, & flavor can vary based on what protein pancake mix you use! And the entire batch is about 225kcals, so no sweat if you bake and eat a whole batch! 🙂

Macros per cookie: 4p 11c 1.8f (3.33g fiber)

These are Chocolate chip cookies:

I’m excited to now be a Slap Nutrition athlete officially! My code is REBEKAH for a discount & I am excited to keep using this product (I’ve been using it a few months already) & create new easy recipes to share 💕

I’ve been using their protein powder and protein pancake mix the last few months & love it. It’s a great taste and value. And it works in all my favorite cookie/waffle/ice cream recipes! 🙂 

This was my breakfast from Monday- using slap whey for the cookies and ice cream. And slappuccino is mixed with hot water (coffee flavored powder with caffeine). 

Cookie recipe:

Preheat oven to 350

Mix together:

  • 1/4cup applesauce (61grams)
  • 28grams (1/4cup) coconut flour
  • 24grams (1/2scoops) protein pancake mix– I used  slapjacks gluten free chocolate chip pancake mix for these! 

Divide into 3 balls. 

Press onto greased cookie sheet and bake for 10min. 

Enjoy! Refrigerate leftovers!

Try this with any flavor mix!

So far, I’ve made 3 batches- 2 with chocolate chip and one with Blueberry! Both are excellent!

Recipe card so you can save the image!

Enjoy!!! Tag me @Rebekahkfit if you try!


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