Losing Weight on Vacation 

Well, it wasn’t the goal of my vacation, but it was a nice by-product to return home & find myself a couple pounds lighter after spending a week in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 at an all-inclusive resort & taking a break from tracking macros. The tan was also a plus!

I put out a feeler on Instagram to gauge interest in what I did on vacation , and there seemed to be, so I’ve put together this post as a way to “stay on track” during vacation & still enjoy it! 

From this morning:

I’ll try to break this up into the different aspects of diet, workouts, mentality; and share what I did & how I think that can be applied for others or for my future self! 🙂

Before & after vacation: 

During vacation, my goals were to:

  1. Enjoy it! Relax, spend time with my husband, do some fun activities
  2. Maintain my fitness with workouts – not concerned with pushing it hard, just getting it in was my plan 
  3. Enjoy the fresh “Bahaman” foods there! But not track macros- just eat to feel good. 


I ate 4x a day… 

  • Breakfast was hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit & smoked fish (smoked salmon and mahi mahi were 2 of my favorites) – this was my biggest meal because I worked out before.. I’d estimate I ate about 6-8oz of fish, 3-4eggs, and a few cups of fruit. (600-700kcals i would guess)
  • Lunch was some type of meat (about 4oz of grilled pork/steak/chicken), and 5-6cups of fresh/steamed veggies with salsa on top 
  • Breakfast and lunch were from the “all you can eat buffet” at Sandals
  • About 4/5pm, I was hungry but all the foods were closed so I’d stop at the dessert cafe and get a couple scoops of ice cream with some coconut shreds on top. 
  • I’m not really a drinker (I had a few sips of some specialty drinks, but tend to fall asleep if I drink so I enjoyed some sweets instead).
  • Then dinner was a big salad 🥗 with mustard (and fish). 
  • I did focus on drinking a gallon of water a day. Either in the form of water or tea that was available. One of the things I became obsessed with there was hot citrus flavored tea mixed with milk (which I’ve continued drinking since coming back home!)

One of my dinners

Key takeaways on food:

  1. I think the fact that I eat gluten free helped a lot! (You can read why I do here) — Especially at the buffets- there were a lot of pancakes/breads/muffins/donuts that I couldn’t touch. And at lunch- pizzas/sandwiches/etc – that I couldn’t have either. So I think committing to eating gluten free for the week would help anyone (or at least to focus on eating fresh foods while on vacation) — And I didn’t feel like I was missing out- if anything I felt like I could enjoy and try all the different fruits and veggies that were already peeled & sliced for me to get my carbs! The citrus foods there were so good. 
  2. I ate to feel good. I ate when I could feel my energy dipping & stopped eating when I was satisfied because I was by the pool & didn’t want to be full/stuffed. 
  3. The only “extra” food in my room was slap protein packets. So once I finished dinner, I was done! I had a packet on a couple nights because I was still hungry, but i didn’t have a fridge of food available to me like I do at home 😂. 
  4. I made an effort to have a gallon of water a day. It meant extra trips to the water coolers, but helped keep me hydrated!
  5. I brought gains in Bulk digestive enzymes with me to help me stay regular. 

Bob helped me pack my travel bag (protein packets and enzymes in this pic)

Workouts :

I took rest days on the travel days! But got in 7workouts while there. It was hot! So I used the resort gym each day.  It’s hard for me to stay in one spot for too long so I broke up my workout into a nice 75min mix most days that kept my attention & became a fun workout for me! :). Here’s what my workout week looked like:

Tuesday/Wed/Thurs/Sat/Monday: 75minute mix

  • 3mile warmup (25min) on treadmill
  • 30min CARVE lift (lifting program for athletes/runners)
  • 2miles fast-paced run (15min) 
  • 5-10min stretch

Friday & Sunday: long runs

  • Susan (my running coach) gave me a lighter mileage week so my longer runs were 8 and 9 miles. These were tough mentally to be on the treadmill that long, but I got them in. I listen to Joyce Meyer’s podcast & Elevation & Life Church’s podcasts in addition to my Spotify music to break up the run. I run “easy” when I listen to the podcast, then switched to intervals on the music. :). 

Takeaway— I didn’t push to have “awesome” workouts or run at certain tempos. My goal with my workouts was to get them in- and maintain my fitness level. I did them first thing in the morning (so in a fasted state), then headed to breakfast & then the pool/beach. 

Mentality: As far as vacations go, this was probably one of my favorites because I let go of worrying about food and didn’t meal prep for it. I just focused on eating to feel good. Knowing I was going to be in a swimsuit was motivating, but I also ate to have energy during the day to do some paddle boarding, hiking/walking, and kayaking with Chris. 

Takeaway: Enjoy vacation, activities, experiences and don’t worry so much about food. We had so much fun and are planning out next one & I’m planning to get certified in scuba diving for the next one so we can do that together! :). 

I hope this helps ease some stress about vacationing and is helpful for some of you! 

What I’m doing now:

  • I am back to tracking macros. I did take a couple days off when I got back home but I realized that for me to be consistently healthy & confident in what I’m eating, I still prefer to log my intake and track it. 
  • Macros I’m currently using: 125-150p, 200c, 40-50f (approx 1700-2000kcals is what I have found my body does well with) 
  • And I’m back to baking my gluten free and macro-friendly versions of waffles, cookies, and donuts! 🙂

**** The resort Chris and I went to was the Sandals Bahamas Resort at Emerald Bay. Good food, gym, golf, and beautiful beach! Service was a little iffy at times, but overall was good! 

Happy Friday!

Little update:

After a week home, I feel great and created a new page with my current macros, training routine, and goals which can be found here

Pics from today:


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