Weighted Vest training, fasted training, current macros & training plan, CARVE update & Gluten free Cinnamon Streusel Blueberry Protein Waffle (250kcals)

Despite the long title, this post is not that long! So I’ll start with the delicious waffles & ice cream I made after my workout this morning! (And might have again for dinner 😉)

The waffle is 3ingredients & just 250kcals. The protein ice cream is 100kcals:

Waffle recipe:

  • 25grams protein powder (I used Slap cinnamon streusel donut)
  • 25grams pancake mix (I used slapjacks Blueberry mix)
  • 1egg
  • 1/2cup water
  • Mix and cook in waffle maker!


For discounts on Slap, use code REBEKAH

Ice cream Recipe:

  • 1scoop protein (I used slap peanut butter whey)
  • 1/2tsp xanthan gum
  • Optional : 1/4tsp guar gum (this makes it creamy! I’m currently out and waiting on Amazon to deliver more 😭)
  • 2cups ice
  • 1cup water
  • Blend!


  • 1cup of blueberries microwaved for 1min (on waffles)
  • 1tbsp of cocoa (on ice cream)



Updates on training, nutrition, etc: I’ve added a new page that outlines my current macros and workout schedule and goals.

CARVE 2.0 has been updated! Just some minor tweaks — If you have already gotten it, the link I sent you to the google drive file will pull up the new one now.  If you are interested in getting the CARVE workout plan, check it out here! I’ve been using this plan consistently since last October and really enjoy it.  I’ve tried other stuff here and there, but keep coming back to these workouts.



I addressed Fasted Training on the new page here

Weighted Vest training: This 6lb vest is no joke!  I am working on incorporating it on my cross training days (tuesdays/thursdays, saturdays for me) and think I will be able to gauge how well it works by mid-August.  I took a break from it during vacation.  As for right now, I can tell it makes everything a little more difficult when running and lifting.  It’s an added component that feels like it’s working but it’s too soon for me to tell!  I will say that my running coach did not prescribe this – I am experimenting on my own with it.  I did read of some runners who benefited from it which I explained in my first post with the vest, but my results are TBD.

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ps- the reason this post is short is because I spent a lot of time on the new page and updating my supplement page and CARVE, and am now hungry! making some cookies ASAP!


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