10 Minute Post Workout Stretch for Runners , Athletes, and Fitness Peeps

Second YouTube Video is UP!  This is a 10minute stretch you can do anytime, but I like to use this routine after a run or workout.  I used a different video editor this time, and am not sure which I prefer yet, but I think this one turned out nicely and is a video I will use to stretch in the future myself.  I hope it’s useful to someone else out there too 🙂


Here’s a little picture graphic of most the stretches in the video! Below the photo you’ll find a description of each stretch (even the 2 that aren’t in the collage) if you want a little better description than I gave in the video.

  • I did each exercise for 5breatbs (I didn’t use a timer or anything)
  • In the descriptions, I’ll emphasize what muscles you should feel stretching. 
  • As you stretch it’s important to feel them and feel them open up as you breath more oxygen in
  • Video Link is HERE! 🙂



  • Split legs hamstring stretch: spread feet a little wider than shoulder distance and lead with your chest as you reach your hands to the ground
    • feel this stretch in your hamstrings, glutes, calves, back
  • Split leg, one-sided hamstring stretch: walk your hands over to the right (or left) side.  Grab on the ankle or outside of the foot and lead with your chest towards your knee to stretch. Do the other side
    • feel stretch in the hamstrings
  • Lunge stretch: lunge to one side and sit back into the glute/heel. You want your knee to be at a 90degree angle.  Lunge to the other side.
    • feel stretch on inner thigh of straight leg, and you also want to feel your hip of the bent leg kind of open up
  • Runners stretch: Lunge forward and place both hands inside of bent leg.  Again, keep the knee at 90degree angle.  After 5 breaths, place back knee on the ground/mat. And sink a little deeper into the stretch.
    • feel this in the glutes and hamstrings – just kind of sink into it as you breathe each time
  • Hamstring stretch: from runners stretch, just lean back and straighten the bent leg and reach for that foot
    • feel this in the hamstrings
  • Quad/hip flexor stretch: go back into the runners stretch with back knee on ground and grab the back foot to pull towards you
    • feel this stretch in the quads of back leg and hip flexors of front leg
  • Repeat runners/hamstring/quad stretches on other side
  • Feet together Hamstring stretch: Bend and straighten legs
    • feel in hams and calves
  • Downward dog with a kick: start in down dog and bring one knee towards you and then kick it back and up — at the same time, press the heel down of the foot on the ground to stretch out the foot/calf. Do 5 on each side
    • focus on feeling the stretch in the calf on the ground
  • Butterfly stretch: sit with feet soles together and press forearms onto legs
    • feel this in the inner thighs and hip flexors
  • NOT IN collage: Laying twists.
    • these will stretch the lower back/glutes/hips
    • First one : start with arms perpendicular to body, then bend knees.   Look in one direction and lower knees to opposite side. Do other side
    • Second twist: step feet a few inches to the right, then cross right leg over left and lower legs towards the left arm as you look towards your right arm. Do other side
  • Squat: press hands together and use arms to push out on legs. try to get heels to touch the ground
    • feel this stretch in the hip flexors, calves, inner thighs.

Thanks for joining me!! 

You can check out my full workout routine (weekly schedule of workouts) here!


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