Running Warmups, Jumprope Workout on YouTube, Mint chocolate Chip Pizookie and Ice cream

Hi All!  I have been playing around with YouTube a bit more, and am going to post some content there and see how it goes! I’m interested in feedback and such if you have any!

One thing I really like is having a workout video to workout along with someone (I use the Beachbody App occasionally to do insanity workouts, and stretch).. So I’ve decided to create a few with fun music that I can use and you can join in too if you want!

The first one I’ve uploaded is a 10minute Jumprope Workout, which is what I use as a warmup before runs and workouts… and also after workouts. It includes typical ‘running form’ drills as well as some other jumprope and plyo activites which are described in a bit more detail below!

To see my current workout plan, go here.

If you check it out, leave me a comment on youtube, instagram, or here with what you think! What would you want more of? Ab workouts, more jump rope workouts, more yoga stuff, etc? TIA!


Runners’ Warmup with Jumprope: 

  • equipment needed: jumprope
  • workout setup: 3 rounds of 7exercises (about 30seconds each)
  • YouTube Video Link

EXERCISE Photos (video stills) and descriptions:

1: Jumprope – just regular jump rope


2: Jumping Jack or Cross Jack – legs go out then together (or cross over)

3: A- Skips with a jump rope – skip with a high knee

4: 2-2-2’s – jump 2x on right leg, 2x with 2 legs, 2x on left leg, 2x with 2 legs, etc…

5: Butt Kicks – this is like a high knee where you also kick your butt (I showed video w/out jumprope and explained it a little more on IG this morning here if you want a video of what it should look like)

6: B-skips (no rope!) – this is like a skip where you doing a high knee then push the foot out and pull/paw it down quickly — this one just takes a LOT of practice — I’ve been doing them for a couple months now and still feels a little awkward, but MUCH better than when I first started these warmups…  You can read more about A&B skips hereI do these in place in the video, but feel free to do them running back and forth.

7: 10 pushups! (more or less is fine! 🙂 ) 


Let me know what y’all think! 🙂


I filmed this after my 8mile speed workout this morning from my running coach Susan. And video editing takes a little bit more effort than I thought! I filmed a 10minute “stretching/yoga for runners” as well, but might have to wait til tomorrow to edit that one.

Here’s what I had for post-workout breakfast!

Mint chocolate chip Pizookie and Protein Ice cream! Both recipes and macros can be found  here. But I also added the recipe cards below (note: cookie recipe below makes 2 pizookies or 4 large cookies) I used Slap Mint chocolate chip protein and also had my digestive enzymes from gains in bulk. You can find those in my store along with discount info! 🙂 


Here’s another variation of the pizookie/cookie  from an Instagram follower! I love seeing these! Thanks so much Rach! 🙂


Hope you all have a great day! Here’s a quote that I read from my bible study this morning by Jennie allen called Restless.


We all have different passions, different things that make us hurt, and different dreams.  God made us all unique so we can be a light to the earth and meet a need that the world needs met today! There is a reason you are here today, in this time period, wherever you are at.  Be the Best You today! 🙂


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