5minute Ab workout 

I workout my abs 2-3x a week and keep it super simple! This is a 5minute routine you can do along with me! Exercises and descriptions are below 👇🏻


2 rounds of the following:

  • 20 crunches  
    • use upper abs (feel them squeeze) to pull your shoulders off the ground then lower back down; keep about an apple or fist-sized distance between your chin and your chest (don’t round your neck)
  • 20 leg raises  
    • start with legs perpendicular to body, & lower feet towards the ground. Feel your lower abs stretch as you lower, then contract as you raise
  • 20 bicycle crunches  
    • opposite elbow touches opposite knee as the other leg extends outward. Focus on your upper and lower abs to bring opposing knee and elbows together- feel them squeeze. You’ll Notice I do these pretty slow so I can feel them
  • 10 push-ups  
    • either with knees up or down. Or you can hold plank. I just get too bored doing regular planks 🙄

That’s it!!

For Visuals of each example- you can skim the video or do the workout along with me here!


Nothing Fancy! Following a balanced diet, drinking a lot of water, lifting, and getting good sleep is the most important key to getting lean and seeing abs, and working them out will help them pop a little more.

You can see my full workout routine here — I add in these workouts on 2-3 of my “cross training days” each week usually

Tag me if you try it @RebekahKFit on IG 💕


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