Living with Misophonia

Hey! So I had some delicious barbecue sauce yesterday 

And my misophonia flared up. I’ve blogged about this here … And i came to find out that  some BBQ sauces have gluten 🙄

So that’s my PSA about random gluten sources!


The miso flared up so bad because of the bbq sauce that I remembered how bad it used to be. I decided to film a YouTube on my experience with it. I think if the GF diet can help me, it might Help someone else or might inspire someone to research it more 🙏🏼. My video is pretty raw. I just turned he camera on and went. So it’s not a superficial edited version of anything. It’s me explaining the pain of dealing with Misophonia and the 3 things that I recommend to anyone who feels they have miso as well ❤️

Bob made an appearance! And my gluten free waffles after!

Waffle recipe is here



  • I found some gluten free BBQ sauce at kroger this afternoon! Tastes pretty good!💕


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