Training plan update, New Youtube, More Pizookies, New Puppy soon

Few things here to post about!  First I’m switching up my training schedule a little bit.  One of my “insta-friends” who is a really great runner recommended doing my lifts on the same day as my tougher runs so my body has a better chance to recover on the ‘easy/cross training days’ in my training week.  I’ve updated my training schedule page to reflect that.  It makes sense to me, so I’m willing to try it. Plus, Jill (my friend) is a former Div. 1 runner and has a marathon PR of 2:50 so she might be onto something 😉

So here’s what I did yesterday (hard day): 14mile long run in the morning, and 5minute stretch…. then CARVE 3 “pull day” lift in the afternoon.

  • Post-run was a slappy birthday protein pizookie and slappy birthday ice cream! (349 kcals for both!) – Recipe is here! And I actually subbed in water for the SF syrup, so it will work w/out the syrup if you don’t have any or are trying to avoid ‘fake sugars’ 🙂

Today was an “easy/cross training day”, so I did :

  • 30 minute “Boxer’s conditioning and core workout” (this will be on my Youtube Workout Channel this weekend) and easy 6mile run.  I wore the weight vest for the plyo workout, but not the run (which is how I’m planning to use it now)
  • And I followed this with a 10minute postworkout stretch, and I’ll use my R8 later today for 10 minutes

New Puppy Soon 🙂 

We are preparing to get a new puppy! 🙂 I got some stuff yesterday, and Chris and I are planning to read/study this “dog training Bible” to be ready.  🙂 We are not sure how Bob and Baxter will adapt, but hopeful!

I also want to give a shoutout to my running coach Susan! It was her birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday! 🙂


Ok, I’m off to make some waffles and put together this YouTube video! Hope you all have a great day! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Training plan update, New Youtube, More Pizookies, New Puppy soon

  1. I have learned that no matter how many puppy pads I put down, she would find a way to tinkle beside them.

    Great post, glad I found it.

    PS puppy’s go toilet a lotttttttt!

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