Running Drills & 50kcal Cookies

Good morning! ☀️ I had a 9mile run this morning with 6x800m mixed in at a 6:30-6:40min/mile pace. Track workouts are something I haven’t done since high school and was kind of dreading using the track, but I met up with a friend to run so that made it a little easier to jump that mental hurdle. 

I still have a bit of work to do on learning to pace myself. I would start the 800s and see I was at 5:50 after 100m and realize I needed to pull back then I’d see I was at 7:05 🙄 and have to speed up. So I annoyed myself a bit.  But am learning! I still finished the 800s in 3:20 which was the goal. 

I think next time I will run the 800 by taking it easier the first lap then increasing speed the second lap. I ran the 400&800 in high school – I did one year of HS track — and the 800 never gets easier! Lol. 

The repeat 800s are also supposed to be a predictor for your marathon time — so if you’re 800 repeats are 3min20sec, that means your marathon should be 3hrs20min.  So cool to know! My goal is to get these down to 3ish minutes per 800 by end of the year. 

ABC Running drills: Video

These are drills my coach has me doing to help me improve my running form!

  • You can read a bit here on how they help improve speed
  • Check out my YouTube video here for Demonstration!

The A Drills were designed to work the knee lift action. The B Drills were designed to work on and improve fore-leg reach, or pawing (dorsal-flex) action. The C Drills were designed work on push-off and extensions.

  • I do each drill for 3x30s each day minimum.

Askips are like a high knee skip with a hop on the down leg. I focus on driving the knee up and using my core to lift the knee. 

Bskips– are still a little awkward feeling for me- but basically you’re starting like an Askip, but instead of the leg going down after the knee raise, you extend the leg outward and pull it back down (like you are pawing at the ground). 

  • There’s no photo for this because I think the video will be better 

Buttkicks are like a combo of a high knee and a buttkicks to focus on driving up and also flexing the hamstring. These are the toughest for me cardio-wise but I’ve noticed a big benefit to doing them. 

The video will show me doing them w/out equipment and also doing Askips and buttkicks with the jumprope as I like to jumprope as part of my warmup & mix it up for variety 💕


Another thing Susan has me do is strides, I usually have 4sets of 20-30seconds on 2-3workouts a week. I noticed these initially helped me with form because I realized I didn’t push off enough in my regular running. Basically my sprinting form felt better and was better than my regular running form used to be. 

Strides are about 100m accelerations where you start at a jog, build to about 95% of your max speed, and then gradually slow to a stop. One stride should take you about 20-30 seconds.

Photo and quote source

I hope this helps! Doing these drills have really helped me. 🙂 

Comment with any questions!

After my run, I had some post- Run COOKIES!!

You can find the original recipe here, but it’s also below! 

  • I used “slappy birthday” whey in place of the PB slap protein, and skittles in place of the Reese’s. You can use a vegan protein/topping to make vegan 👍🏼
  • Just mix the following ingredients and bake @ 350 for 10minutes!

Enjoy!!! Tag me @RebekahKFit if you try 🤗


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