Big Fat Protein Cookie & Modified Nutrition “plan” 

Instead of making up a batch of 6small cookies today (like I did yesterday), I decided to combine the recipe into one big fat cookie! It turned out so fluffy, dense and yummy! 

  • 250kcals- 28p 24c 5f 👍🏼
  • 5 ingredients!
  • Gluten, egg free & can be vegan!

Ingredients & Macros here:

  • Just mix the above ingredients and bake at 350 for 10minutes! 
  • Enjoy
  • I used Slappy 🎉 Birthday protein (code REBEKAH) but any protein will work! You can make it vegan by using a vegan protein!

Let me know if you try! Tag me @RebekahKFit so I can repost 💕

@fitbritt___ made my 150kcal Large Gluten Free Protein Cookies& they look amazing!!!! She baked some in muffin tins- which made them look really thick. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing Brittany 💕😘

New Nutrition Plan:

  • I’ve made a slight update in my nutrition plan – more laid back! I actually stumbled upon a graphic that explains it really easily!

Makes flexible dieting even more flexible 🙂 

GIVEAWAY winner! Congrats to Summer who won my giveaway! I sent her the prize plus a few extra goodies! 


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