Big Fat Breakfast Cookie

This has been my breakfast /post workout the last few days! These are really healthy and just 300kcals. They could be used anytime – I just love making one for breakfast, plus I think they’ll be something I could make ahead of time ( make a batch of several on a Sunday perhaps)  when work starts again! 

  • Macros/recipe per “base” cookie (w/no topping) is here – it’s 250kcals – 28p 24c 5f (macros with the Reese’s are below)
  • Gluten & egg free, can be made vegan

This can also be eaten as cookie dough since its egg free! And this is 100% going on my “favorite failproof recipes” ! 

There are a number of variations you can make with this. This is a Reese’s PB & Chocolate version!


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Mix together the ingredients below (aside from toppings – I like to press those on)
  • Bake for 10minutes!
  • Enjoy! 

Note: 28g of protein is 1 scoop. And 28g of coconut flour is 4tbsp!

Enjoy! Tag me if you try!!! @RebekahKFit


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