1000 Jumprope circuit challenge & how Joyce Meyer lost 17lbs

1000 Jumprope Challenge

Today is a cross training “easier” day in my training plan. One of my Slap Nutrition teammates @dubz_fitness threw out this challenge yesterday on Instagram so I decided to tackle it today!

 I made the mistake of not looking up the exercises before I started so I’ll definitely be trying this again when I won’t be wasting time looking up how to do it. 🙄. 

Either way, it was a great 26minute workout that challenged my cardio, shoulders, & core! I did an easy 4mile run after this and could feel my abs crying the whole time 🙌🏼. 

To see the exercise demos and the challenge, just go to my YouTube here!

For the challenge itself (assuming you know all the exercises), you can just save the photo below⬇️

Try it out! Tag me with your time💪🏼💪🏼 @RebekahKFit ✌🏼💕

My time:

Joyce Meyer on Physical Health

One of the podcasts I regularly listen to is Joyce Meyer, and I found today’s really interesting in terms of how our physical health relates to our spiritual self! Joyce works out (mostly walking) herself 1.5-2.5hrs a day & shares how she has so much more energy now (and has lost 17lbs) & believes each person needs to just move daily to take care of themselves. 

I think a lot of times people can misconstrue being “fit” with being selfish. But in this 20min message, Joyce does an awesome job of explaining the importance of physical health and how being healthy is a way to take care of what God has given us so we can better fulfill his calling for us on earth.


And this is a sneak peek into something I’ve been working on to raise money for Charity:Water — click here for more info. If you donate now, just email me and I will send out the devo to those of you who “pre-order” once it’s ready to go (early next week- August 7/8th)


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