Long run, Calorie-free ‘salted caramel’ Cream/Sugar, giving up Protein ice cream, and Great Book

I met up with my friend Cathy this morning to run! I had 12 and she did the first 5 with me (about 8min/mile pace), which was awesome of her! She got me off to a great start that I kept up through the run.  And my last 3 miles were my fastest, which was the goal my coach had for me! 🙂


Cathy shared this photo in her picture for today, which I thought was funny 🙂


Running Safety — In the photo, there are 2 other things that I carry with me for safety during runs – a pepper spray (which fits in a band around my wrist) and Knuckle Lights.


I also wore a new pair of Belcorva Shorts today to run in!  They are a little longer than most running shorts (like 1/2-1inch), but are very comfortable and have just as many pockets as the leggings do.  There are 2 big pockets in front (iphone 6plus size) and a small one in the back for keys and such.

  • I’m a big fan of the leggings (photo below) they have as well — they are Lululemon quality/fit/feel/length  for 1/3rd of the price.  I ordered a pair of capris & a tank top as well!
  • *You can use code REBEKAH to save you an additional 10% too*

Calorie Free Cream/Sweetener “Salted Caramel” Flavor

I am a big fan of Slap Nutrition proteins and pancake mixes, and have been using the Salted Caramel BCAAs this week as a sub for cream/splenda this week in my tea! (or with slappuccino).  It works really well.  I don’t like the flavor of it mixed with cold water (personal preference), but LOVE it with hot water.  It’s basically macro/calorie-free, so it’s nice to have as an add in and not have to log creamer in my daily food. 🙂

  • this salted caramel tea by Bigelow is also yummy! It’s one of those that even smells good.


*code REBEKAH saves you 10% on slap products too ;)*

GIVING up Protein Ice Cream 😦 


So sad! For me, not my husband (who doesn’t love the sound of the blender.. haha).  One thing I noticed on vacation was how good I felt (and lost a couple pounds unintentionally) and since vacay, I’ve been feeling a little bloated here and there.

I eliminated my ice cream a couple days this week and felt great.  Then had some yesterday and was back to ugh..  So I guess I just didn’t realize this before – I blame vacation for making me see what I was missing, but in a good way!  In place of the ice cream, I am subbing in a big salad (for volume) and either a protein ‘recipe‘ or some meat! So a normal meal LOL….

The Real Heaven – this was probably one of THE best books I’ve read Ever.  I have it underlined and earmarked all over.  This is my Instagram post on it with a slide show of what’s inside of it (some of my favorite quotes).  It really gave me an entire new perspective on life and eternity in a good way.  It motivated me to live with purpose, but also not to take some things so seriously (like the things that I can’t control – goals, opinions of others, etc).

I’ve ordered a couple more books from him – I posted this and a couple friends recommended additional books by Chip that I plan to read this fall. 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone!


3 thoughts on “Long run, Calorie-free ‘salted caramel’ Cream/Sugar, giving up Protein ice cream, and Great Book

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