Running Training Update, Chasing Failure, Waffles, New Puppy

Running Training Update:

I made the switch last week in my training plan to do my lifts on the same days as my longer/harder runs.  These were my ‘hard days’ which meant my Tues/Thurs/Sat were my  ‘easier’ days where I did 30min of plyo work and an easy 4mile-ish run.

  • I found I liked having the Hard/Easy alternating days.  My body seemed to do well and appreciate the ‘recovery time’ between hard workouts.
  • What I didn’t like was that my mileage on the hard days was about 2x the amount on the easy days. So my workout time on the longer days was close to 2hrs total and easier days at 60min.  Also, my ‘hard day’ was split into 2 workouts.

I really like having a consistent schedule – where my time allotment for workouts is the same.  And I also like doing my entire workout at once. I get a much better workout in the mornings.  Even if I lift after my run in the morning, it’s much better than doing it in the afternoon.. … So I asked my coach Susan if it was possible to transfer some of the ‘easy miles’ from the hard runs (only about 4miles of the ‘hard days’ are run at a fast/difficult pace – the rest are recovery/easy) onto the easy days so my Workout Time would be the same each day.  And if it was all the same (not going to hurt my results), I figured it wouldn’t matter!

Susan confirmed this, and My training  weeks are now more like 5-7miles a day for 5 days, a long run day, and rest day!  I will be lifting 3x a week either before/after the hard runs and doing plyos/insanity/jumprope work on the easy run days:) I’ve updated this on my “training schedule” page.

*Today was a ‘hard day’ — 6 miles with my friend Cathy (included 6x800s at 3:10-3:18 pace) and then I did the CARVE 1 full body lift at the gym

I have a half marathon coming up in 3 weeks!  The goal is to PR (under 1:27) – lofty goal is under 1:22 to qualify as an ‘elite runner’ for other races – free entry! 🙂 

Chasing Failure:

 I listened to a sermon from the Northpointe Church podcast yesterday morning called “chasing failure” and it was I think a great message. This is the 15minute video that goes with it:… The video itself is really good, as well as the podcast, but the YouTube is shorter 😉  … Ryan Leak is the filmmaker/speaker and makes a couple of really good points in the message:
  1. “What if chasing failure was the quickest way to succeed?  Chasing failure took me further than chasing success ever did.”
    • One of my dreams as a teen was to be an elite/sponsored runner, and I’ve always been scared to share that (aside from with my running coach) because I’m scared I won’t get there.  But I love what Ryan did in the video. He chased after his dream of trying out for the NBA, knowing he would fail, yet he got further than he ever would have if he had just decided it wasn’t worth it.  So, I’m putting it out there.  If I fail, so be it. If I don’t, all the glory to God. Proverbs 3:5-6.
  2. “Be the person today that you want to become tomorrow.”
    • It’s easy to get caught thinking, I’ll do it better tomorrow. I’ll be a better _______ tomorrow. I’ll hit my macros tomorrow…. etc.  I really liked this point because it reinforces the idea of we are what we are today – not what we plan to be one day.  The best way to become a better version of yourself (how you envision yourself) is to BE it today.



This is my new favorite waffle recipe! It’s really fluffy and just 218kcals (34g protein and only 7net carbs) so I can add fun toppings to it and not use up a huge amount of macros.  It’s also really easy to make (3 ingredients)… You can check out the recipe on my Instagram post today, or from the blog post here.

In photo on right —

  • ingredients for the waffle: coconut flour, egg whites, Slap protein powder (you could use any whey powder though)
  • digestive enzymes (I had 2 before eating) from gains in bulk
  • salted caramel BCAAs mixed with hot water and some cashew milk


We picked up our new puppy this last weekend.  I’ve never owned a dog before, so it’s new for us! Her name is Nike (pronounced Nicky) and she’s a sweetie.  The cats are still skeptical.  I made up an instagram for her here if you want to see more cute puppy pics 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “Running Training Update, Chasing Failure, Waffles, New Puppy

      1. I love it! I’m fairly new as well and don’t do this for ads or anything ! Just sharing what I’m doing because I kept getting asked (& ifs kind of like a workout journal for me) ! So I’m not sure it’ll go anywhere but it’s a fun hobby for me!!! I just followed you! Are you on Instagram?


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