2-ingredient 36kcal GF Bagels

36kcal Mini-Bagels💕🐶

  •  2 ingredients, gluten free!
  • macros per “bagel” 4.5p 3c 0.5f (1.5g fiber!)
  • 142kcals for the batch of 4 so you can eat all 4 and add spreads


 mix together

  • -9tbsp egg 🍳 whites (1/2c plus 1tbsp, or 138grams)
  • -20g of @bobsredmill coconut 🌴 flour (about 3tbsp)
  • -a tbsp water (optional)
  • – (also optional) spices – I mixed in pepper! But I think the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s would be perfect here! (I’m out.. need to get some since I keep making these)

Place into 4holes of donut maker (or in a waffle maker) & bake til done (or bake in oven at 350 for 10ish min)

  • This is the donut maker I use from Amazon!

Slice in half and Spread with whatever you’d like! Or eat plain 😋


And this is just a puppy picture from today 😁! 


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