40kcal Flourless Fig-Pumpkin Protein Donuts (or muffins), 4ingredients

This is one of those recipes that Turned out BETTER than imagined on the first try!  I posted these on instagram here, and they will also  be added to my Favorite Recipes page once this post is done.

  • These are naturally sweetened by the figs, and
  • each Donut is just 40kcals – 4grams protein, 6grams carbs (1 gram Fiber), and 0grams fat.
  • These are gluten free and flour-free
  • To make these dairy-free, you can sub in a vegan powder or oat flour for the protein powder!

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RECIPE: makes 20 donuts or mini-muffins


  • 1cup Figs (I soaked a bag of Sunmaid CA Mission Figs in water overnight and then drained them)
  • 1/2cup pumpkin 🎃
  • 1/2cup egg whites
  • 75grams protein powder (I used @slapnutrition cinnamon streusel donut flavor)
  • optional: cinnamon – I added about a TBSP




  • ➡️ blend ingredients together & spoon into greased donut maker or muffin tin
  • ➡️ cook until done in donut maker OR bake at 350 for 15ish minutes – until they solidify (they will be soft but will hold together)
  • ➡️ Add toppings & enjoy!!!!
  • (My protein ice cream 🍦 recipe is below – 1/2serving makes 16oz and is 50kcals)
  • ➡️ store extras in fridge for later 😋
  • also pictured: I had 2 digestive enzymes/probiotics with this meal from gains in bulk

These works as muffins or donuts – i cooked the batch both ways 


ICE CREAM Recipe: I made up 1/2 serving.  I posted last week about giving this up, but decided I don’t want to .. hahaha.  So instead of eating it 2-4x a day, I’m eating about 1/2 serving 1-2x a day so the xanthan doesn’t bloat me.  🙂 




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