New Strength Training Plan, YogaRunSweat 2 Challenge this September

For a while, I’ve been using CARVE Lifting and Insanity workouts to find a good mix of cross training for running — lifting weights and plyometric work. This past week, I discovered Tony Horton’s 22min Hard Corps program which I plan to use — these workouts are  22minutes and are all 3 rounds of 5-7 exercises which makes for a good/tough workout in a short time.  I do like the CARVE & Insanity programs, but with all the cardio/running I do, I wanted to find something more concise (that combine strength/plyos) and something with an instructor that I could follow along with. So this seems to be a perfect fit.

Yesterday’s workout selfie in Belcorva Tank (new favorite)

And, I’ve been messing with doing my strength/insanity workouts either before my runs, right after, or at a completely different time of the day.  And I’ve decided, it doesn’t matter! haha- there is NO perfect way to do it, and the important thing is just to incorporate it!  If I were trying to lean out a bit, I would prioritize my strength training and do it before I ran (I talk about why here), but my goal is to use strength/plyo training to supplement my running and help my running speed/endurance/form improve.  So I believe the timing of when/where it is in the day doesn’t matter – what does matter is being consistent in doing it 4-6 times a week over the long haul.  So finding a program that is just 22minutes a day seems like a perfect fit.  And, I will also use the weight vest as I do them for an added component!


  • September 5-25 (21 days)
  • Improve flexibility, strength, and cardio
  • Daily Challenge – 1 yoga pose, 1 mile run/walk, 1 exercise
  • 10 minute Fitness test before/mid/after to assess improvement in flexibility, strength, cardio
  • Details are HERE (downloadable calendar/ fitness test chart in link in bio)

I’m excited to be co-hosting this again, but even more excited to participate in it! Hope you will join us this September!!


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