Soft-baked 32kcal Reese’s Pumpkin Protein Cookies (glutenfree, flourless)

These are delicious!  Another winner from my “instagram-pinterest” page of recipes to try from Kim Hoeltje!  I love my own recipes, but am having fun with this so this might be my new ‘thing’ for now – trying out different recipes and sharing them as I go.


RECIPE (makes 10 cookies):

  • For these cookies, just preheat the oven to 350,
  • and blend together the following ingredients (except the reese’s!).
    • note: my ingredient list says black beans – I used canned pinto beans and the original recipe used 130g of canned white beans — so any beans will work (the macros only differ slightly)! 
    • for discounts on Slap Protein, use code REBEKAH
  • Then just drop spoonfuls onto a greased baking sheet,
  • and top with whatever you’d like (i did 2 reeses pieces per cookie)
    • the batter is a little runny fyi
  • Bake for 15ish minutes and Enjoy!

Macros per cookie: 32kcal, 3.6g protein, 3.5g carb, 0.4g fat

Macros for entire batch: 320kcal, 36p 35c 4f


In other news, I also registered for a marathon this December! So I’ll be sharing my journey along the way towards that! 🙂 First up though is a half marathon on Sept. 3! 😉


Happppppppppppy Monday!!!




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