Fitness & Flexibility Test, Start of Marathon training, HOKA shoes

Good day everyone! So today marks the beginning of my recovery week from the half marathon yesterday and the start of my marathon training for the California International marathon. I’m planning to blog weekly here about my training specifically (& keeping this training log separate from recipes). 

If you have followed for a while, you know that I started training for a full marathon last winter and ultimately just decided to pull back and do a half instead. I just couldn’t find a balance of nutrition/lifting/running that felt good. I’m now at a point where I think I have a lifting plan and nutrition mindset that will keep me healthy & strong during this training cycle.(outlined below)

Also, there is NO alternative for me. I have tickets to California and there is no half option there. So I’m committed! :). 

Here’s my fitness/nutrition plan for Marathon Training: (I also keep this up to date here


  • Stretch & Roll 10minutes daily. And always after I run. This is first because I know if I skip this, my plantar fasciitis comes roaring back. If I keep stretching in, I rarely notice it. This is my favorite stretching routine
  • Follow running plan from Susan (my coach) – but also not be afraid to take a day off when I need to.
  • Lift 6days/week using the #21minutelifts4runners program
  • Do plyo workouts 2x/week (using insanity or jump rope workout here )


  • Tracking macros still! I shoot for 125g protein a day and 35-50g of fiber.  I actually am not following any other calorie or macro goals – just making sure I track it and am consciously eating. I find some days I need more, some less. I stop eating when I am too lazy to want to enter it in the app 😂 so it seems to work really well for me. I’ve been doing fine without having set macros, so I’ll keep doing this. This is truly a lifestyle fit for me. Some people find tracking tedious, but this is one discipline I really believe in (for my own health goals) & am committed to doing for life if needed! 🙂  

Marathon goal: after yesterday’s race, I really have no clue. My goal is to do my best on race day, but as far as a time goal, I’m thinking 3:15 might be something I can train for. My PR is 3:11 so I’d love to beat that, but just feel so unsure after the race day I had just 24hrs ago. 🤷🏼‍♀️. I basically just want to stay healthy and be happy and do my best!💙😃

Fitness Test & YogaRunSweat Challenge

To kick off this training cycle, I’m doing a free 21day challenge with @yogarunsweat.  Tomorrow is day 1 so today I did progress pics, the fitness test, and printed off the challenge calendar. The goals of the challenge are to improve in fitness, flexibility & cardio during the 21days. And have fun!

Here are my starting stats!

I’m not too worried about the cardio improving, but am hoping to improve Most in my flexibility (sit & reach) and push-ups! 

Check it out here (click link in the bio) & I hope you consider joining the fun! It’s free, just 21-days! No promotional email or anything to sign up for. My friends Jenn and Shareia and I just wanted to do it for fun and hope you’ll join! 💕

New Kicks!

HOKA – I also purchased a new brand of running shoe to kick off marathon training too. I’ve been eyeing this brand for a while and met 3people this week who LOVE them. So I decided to purchase a pair. (ok maybe 2 pairs 🤣).  I figure worst-case is I just wear them to teach in (positives of being a PE teacher 😄). I’m excited to get them and try them out and will review them when I can!  

HOKAs are known for having extra cushion, but still fairly light.  And they were on sale on runningwarehouse! So that was a win!


Hope you all have a great day!

Are there any aspects of marathon training you all would like me to focus on?? 

Happy Labor Day!!!


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