Lazy Girl Meal Prep, Converting to Vegan, HOKA shoe review 

LAZY GIRL Meal Prepping

Ok, so last week I was a bit ambitious with making waffles/donuts for the whole week, and it worked but I looked for an easier route this week.

So here was my “lazy girl meal prep” — aka bringing a basket to work filled with foods that I can use to hit macros 🙂

  • I have tea/creamer/splenda
  • I have an electric kettle to use to make tea and oatmeal
  • Gains in Bulk Enzymes
  • Slap Protein
  • Slap BCAAs and Slap-O-Lantern Pumpkin Spice mix
  • Oatmeal packets
  • mustard
  • This week, I’ve also added ketchup and Bragg’s liquid aminos (which I use as salad ‘dressing’ along with ketchup/mustard)

I made a “to-go” bag the night before of veggies/fruits to bring which was really easy.


Before leaving in the mornings, I made my breakfasts — HOWEVER, this is the one area I may prep ahead of time in the future — I did overnight oats for Friday morning and think I’ll make 5 of those for the week next week.  Here are the breakfasts I made this week:

All in all, this week went pretty well with food and I liked not really having to prep, so I think I’ll keep this going with the modification of prepping 5 containers of overnight oats for next week!  I’ll post that recipe as soon as I get the consistency/flavor I like – It has oats, protein, flaxseed, PB powder!

Here’s a sample of one morning of food:


Converting to VEGAN

So, I’ve been thinking about this a while.  I’ve actually tried vegan before, but wasn’t successful (I thinkkkk because I wasn’t getting enough fats so I would find myself starving and overeating every other day…). So this time, I’m still going to track my food using the macros app to ensure I’m getting enough protein/fats.  I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it goes… worst thing that happens is I go back to what I’m doing now, which is pretty much vegetarian anyhow! 🙂

SLOWLY converting — I am not doing a Huge overhaul of my foods.  Like I’m not going to throw away the protein powder or creamer or bcaas I have right now.  I’m just going to let those use themselves up and am introducing vegan replacements.  For example, I have a vegan protein powder coming in, and bought some silk almond milk to use as ‘creamer’ at home for my tea. I also bought some avocados to use for fats (I’m going to try to stay away from oils and get fats from foods instead — I like high volume so that’s why, and a tbsp of oil/butter just seems like a waste of calories to me for the portion).  So, if anyone has ideas similar to avocado for fats, let me know! 🙂

I also purchased a packet of gardenburgers to try – they are made with portabella and other veggies (no soy – another thing I’d like to avoid as well).

Anyways, I’m excited to try it, see how I feel in a month or 2, and go from there! 🙂  I have a couple of friends who are ultra-runners that do vegan and Love it, so they inspired me to finally try it again! @jillmariedeering and .  My YogaRunSweat co-hosts @shareiaoliver and @jenniferleeandras are also vegan! And my sister and her husband have also started and are getting great health results.

HOKA Review

So, I got 2 new pairs of Hoka Running shoes yesterday so I got to try out a pair this morning on my long run, and I LOVED them!  These were also highly recommended for people who struggle with  plantar fasciitis.  They  felt so light and cushiony, and I honestly don’t want to wear any other shoes anymore after wearing my pink pair this morning!

 I actually wore them to school/work today because I didn’t want to take them off.


  • I also got a pair of the Hoka Hupana to alternate wearing with the pink shoes 🙂

So, there’s a little update! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!




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