Marathon Training Week 1, Vegan Trial Week 1

Marathon Training began this week as I’m now 12weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Sept. 10).  In addition, I also have a half marathon in 9 weeks and a 10k in 4weeks! 🙂 My goals are honestly  just to run my best in each race.  I am going to train to hopefully do a sub-40min 10K, a 1:30 half, and a 3:15 full (or better of course!).

Running & Lifting (to skip to the food part, just scroll down a bit)

I am coming off a recovery week from the half marathon I had a couple weeks ago, so most of my running has been fairly easy & at a talkable pace until today.  I am still going to be working with my running coach Susan – she and I are talking today so she can set me up with an 11-week training calendar for the next 11weeks leading up to the marathon 🙂

I have also been implementing my 6day lifting plan #21minuteLifts4Runners and am enjoying that.  The workouts are intense (so I’m a little sore the day after, but not too sore) and concise so it doesn’t require a huge time commitments during the day – I can squeeze it in before/after my run or even during my lunch break if need be.

Here’s the first week of workouts (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • 5.25mile easy run with my friend Yasi
    • 21 min Lift Day 2
  • Monday
    • 6.5 mile fartlek run — easy  run mostly, but it included 10 sets of 1 minute hard effort & 1 minute easy effort (so 20min total of the run)
    • 21min Lift Day 3


  • Tuesday
    • 5.75m easy run with Yasi
    • 21 min Lift Day 4
  • Wednesday
    • 21 min Lift Day 5
    • 8 miles with Megan (who is also doing the half and full with me!) — this was a crazy interval run, that ended up being really fun!  We both decided that we like the intervals because we lose track of the miles.  Having to keep track of the time for the work/rest intervals takes our mind off of how far we have run.
  • Thursday
    • 12 mile long run with Megan (I usually do these on Friday, but we switched up our days because she is going out of town this weekend!)
  • Friday
    • Easy run or Off (for my rest days, I just try to feel good – so sometimes I like to run a little and some days I take off completely — it just depends on the week)
    • 21 minute Lift Day 6 (arms & abs)

Additionally, I have been taking Nike for a walk each morning for about 2miles after my workout. 

Reflections on the week: While I do Like the lifting workouts, I am thinking I am just going to shoot for 4 days a week and just add on the arms/abs workouts to the other days.  So I’ll add Day 3 onto the  end of Days 1/2, and add Day 6 onto the ends of Days 4/5.  This will make the workouts more like 30minutes but it will also give me 3 days off from lifting each week. 🙂  

  • I also have been  warming up with my R8 which I think is really helping me stay healthy (preventing plantar fasciitis)

VEGAN Trial Week 1\

I’ve been pretty close to full vegan this last week – so no meat, dairy, egg products.  A couple things I noticed were:

  • I have to make sure I get enough protein, and not as much fiber. (I felt slightly bloated on a few days due to having too much fiber)
    • A couple ways I adjusted to fix this:
      • I found a couple products that were high in protein and Low in fiber — a nut butter and a protein bar (most protein nut butters use whey so D’s natural Fluffbutter was a good find! and most bars have a TON of fiber, so the Rise & Square bars were also happy finds! — they both  have a good amt of protein and none of the fake sugars that other bars try to use as “fiber”) — ALL taste AWESOME! Vegan or not, I will keep these in my pantry from now on! 🙂


      • making Vegan Protein Ice Cream using the Vegan Powders I found – I just used my regular protein ice cream recipe ! I’m not really a fan of the vegan powders I’m using (Slap is coming out with an improved new vegan protein soon so I’m biding my time for that to launch), but both of these did work great for making ice cream, so I’m sharing them.


Reflections after 1 week: 

  • I do feel really good about how I am eating. So Everything I’ve been eating is whole foods or made from natural foods (like the protein powders are blends of pea/rice proteins).  
  • My runs have felt good for the most part – my guess is because I am getting a good amount of carbs!  
  • Lifting has been so-so… One thing I’ve noticed is that I was really sore for a few days from my lifts, which I think MIGHT be a sign that my body isn’t recovering as quickly but am not totally sure.  So that is TBD.

Overall: I’m not 100% sold on being completely vegan, but am still giving it a go for a few more weeks to see if my body just needs time to adapt/adjust to using the plant-based proteins.  I know a lot of great runners who live & train as vegans and do really well. So I think there is something to it.  I also know that it might not be an Ideal fit for everyone.

The two things I find myself missing is eggs/egg whites for baking and whey protein. So I am on a mission to find a good baking mix or sub so I can make vegan waffles and cookies 🙂  I’ll give the Slap “Yep. It’s Vegan” line a try once it launches in a few weeks too! So I’m cautiously optimistic about this — I may go back to vegetarian if I just start feeling sore/sluggish/bloated often, but I want to give this a good 3-4weeks try before going back to using the whey/egg products.

Basically, I’m all for being plant-based, but I want to be able to maintain my muscle (have good lifts and recover in normal time) and not feel swollen/bloated.  So, if that keeps happening, I will revert back to vegetarian! 🙂





6 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week 1, Vegan Trial Week 1

  1. So what reasons do you have for trying to go vegan? Environmental? Ethical?

    Seems like you are changing your training too, so that’ is more likely the cause of your soreness. But adding more to each day will only make you more sore, so be sure to take it easy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Several reasons! I’m already pretty much vegetarian but have several running friends who do vegan so I wanted to see if there is anything to it. I do feel it’s better for the world – eating less animal products. And it’s also healthier based on how meat/dairy is now produced.
      I’m hoping to feel more energetic throughout my work day & feel lighter as I continue running too! And yes, I do think my workout changes may have been why I was so sore as well which is why I haven’t abandoned the vegan lifestyle yet.
      I have been feeling full/bloated a little too often for my liking and am not sure why. I think it may be the powder I was using was high in sodium?
      What are your reasons (if you are vegan)?


      1. I’m guessing the lot is just from more carbs in general.
        I’m not vegan but I’m vegetarian. For environmental reasons mostly.
        This is your IG friend kt fit food 😀


      2. oh! haha HI!!!!! Yes, I may go back to vegetarian yet, but am giving this a go. I am not really happy with the results in my physique right now.. haha, but I want to give it a chance. Your coach is also vegan I think, right?


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