Blueberry Protein Bar Reviews

I am a new shopper at our Wegman’s near me (I used to be a Kroger-ite), and stumbled upon the protein bar section this past Tuesday while shopping there – It’s like the Vitamin Shoppe selection!  I picked up a few different protein bars, 2 of them being “Blueberry” flavored, which is one of my favorite flavors of things.  It’s probably second to chocolate :).  I grabbed a Quest Blueberry Muffin bar and an RX Blueberry Bar.  I’ll review each separately below (ingredients/macros/taste/texture), and then compare/contrast them at the end!

QUEST Blueberry Muffin Bar:

  • Ingredients –
    • Due to the high protein content, the first ingredient listed is the protein blend.  Quest also uses a Fiber and fake sugars (erythritol, sucralose, and stevia), a mix of gums.  In addition, it uses natural flavorings, dried blueberries and almonds.  There’s not a ton of ingredients – and about 1/2 are natural and 1/2 artificial/processed.
    • These are gluten free
  • Macros: 
    • One bar is 21g protein, 22g carbs, and 6g fat.
    • The total calories is 226 (Not the 190 listed on the label – this used to irk me but pretty much all the bars alter the kcals – the ‘my macros plus ‘ app corrects for this in my food log which is shown in the photo on the right below…. this is actually why I use the my macros plus app versus using myfitnesspal)
    • Quest Bars are High in Fiber– there are 14g of Fiber and 3g of Erythritol, which can cause some stomach issues for people – my stomach seems to do fine with 1 bar
  • Taste
    • This bar does taste like a blueberry protein muffin.  The blueberry flavor and sweetness are there, but you can also tell there is a significant amount of protein powder in it (which makes sense since it is the 1st-listed ingredient).
  • Texture
    • Out of the package, the bar is soft and chewy with chunks of blueberry throughout.
    • My favorite way to eat this bar is to cut/break it up into 1/4er’s or 1/8th’s and microwave them for 15-20 seconds.  This makes the bar SOFTer and warm, more like a blueberry muffin!

Overall, I really like this Quest Bar flavor.  My other Quest favorite is Cookies and Cream, with Mint Choc. Chip and White Choc. Raspberry being close behind.  I will definitely get the bar again!

  • Heating up the Blueberry Muffin bar and pairing it with something cool – like yogurt or protein ice cream is a combo I see myself making in the future 🙂

Blueberry RXbar:

  • Ingredients
    • This bar is really simple & natural, which I think is why they have become so popular.  They are made of dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, blueberries, and natural flavor.
    • These are dairy, gluten, and soy free
  • Macros
    • One bar has 12g protein, 26g carb, 7g fat
    • The Total kcals is 215 (also different from the 210 listed on the label, but not too much different)
    • This bar has 17g of sugar (natural sugars from the dates and blueberries – so no added/refined sugars) and 6g of fiber.
  • Taste
    • There is a blueberry flavor, but I think the date flavor & sweetness overtakes it.  There are also whole almonds mixed in.  The egg whites are not noticeable in the taste.
  • Texture
    • These are VERY chewy, and they take a little bit of time to eat (which I like). There are crunchy almonds and blueberry chunks mixed into the bar.
    • I did try microwaving them, and I didn’t really notice much difference – it just tastes the same but warmer LOL.

OVERALL: I think this bar just is what it is.  You are getting the ingredients they say are in the bar, and it tastes really natural.  It’s similar to a LaraBar, but with the addition of the protein via egg whites.  While I do have a sweet tooth, I think I would have preferred a stronger blueberry flavor versus date-flavor.  Honestly, I don’t see myself buying this bar again, but am open to trying their other flavors.  I appreciate the natural-ness of them and the fact that they take “longer than the average protein bar” to eat in terms of time. 



  • Taste: Quest definitely has more of a ‘blueberry’ than the RX to me.  (I may just be more sensitive to the dates than others though).  Both are sweet and both taste good, in my opinion.
  • As far as size, the Quest bars are a little bigger (8g more).
  • Macros wise, the quest has higher protein 21g compared to 12g, and it also has 11 more kcals.
  • In terms of texture, the RX bar is more chewy while the Quest bar is more soft.
  • The ingredients in the RX bar are definitely more natural, and I do like the simplicity that they have in their ingredients compared to the quests.
  • Microwavability (my own category) – Quest is the definite winner since it kind of transforms the bar into more of a warm cookie.

OVERALL: Both bars are good and I think live up to expectations of the brands. Personally, I prefer the Quest (despite the artificial ingredients) because I like to use bars as an ’emergency’ type of snack at my work desk OR as a once-in-a-while treat.  I think if I was looking for a Daily bar to include, I’d go with the RXbars since it really feels like you’re eating a handful of dates & nuts. I’d definitely experiment with their other flavors though vs this blueberry one (I have a feeling their others might taste better due to their popularity on instagram?).

Have you ever tried these bars? Any flavors you would recommend?  Any bars you’d like a review of? Leave a comment below or on my Instagram @RebekahKFit

Hope you have a great day!



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