Marathon training Week 1, Preventing Injuries, Giving up on Being Vegan

Marathon Training – My 1st Official week on plan (last week was technically still recovery from the half marathon I ran on labor day weekend)

  • I’m now 11weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Sept. 16).  In addition, I also have a half marathon in 8 weeks and a 10k in 3weeks! 🙂
  • My goals are honestly  just to run my best in each race.  I am going to train to hopefully do a sub-40min 10K, a 1:30 half, and a 3:15 full (or better of course!).
  •  I working with my running coach Susan – she set me up with an 11-week training calendar for the next 11weeks leading up to the marathon 🙂

Here is a little info on the different types of running Susan includes in my training plans:


  •  Each week, there is a long run (usually Fridays for me), an AT or AT interval run (Wednesdays for me), and a VO2max Interval run (mondays).  She also includes Strides 2x a week after easy runs.
  • There are 3 easy/talkable runs a week and 1 rest day.  For my rest days, I will usually still do a little jog or something  fun and spend 30-60minutes doing some stretching to help my body recover.

Running & Lifting 

I am still using my 6day lifting plan #21minuteLifts4Runners and am enjoying that.  The workouts are intense (so I’m a little sore the day after, but not too sore) and concise so it doesn’t require a huge time commitments during the day – I broke it up a little differently this week so I could complete the lifts in 4 days versus 6.  So the lifts were more like 30minutes, but I could take off 3 days from lifting during the week which was nice!

Here’s the week of workouts (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • Saturday
    • Easy run — this was my recovery day so nothing too long or taxing
    • Went to an awesome conference called Activate so no lift today! I picked up a great book while there too called ‘without rival’ by Lisa Bevere


  • Sunday
    • 7mile trail run with my friends Yasi and Blair
    • did not lift because the train run was exhausting to me!


  • Monday
    • 10.32 mile run — easy  run mostly, but it included 4x800m hard effort with 400m recovery
    • 21min Lift Day 1 (legs & shoulders), plus 2 leg exercises on Day 2, then 1 exercise from Day 3 (push ups) – this took about  25-30min (I did it after the first 8.25 m, then ran 2miles home as cooldown)


  • Tuesday
    • 7m easy run (approx 9min/mile) with Yasi & Megan
    • 21 min Lift Day 2 (the 2 back exercises that I didn’t do Monday), Rest of Day 3 (4 exercises) – I did this workt in 20min before the run 






  • 21minute Lift Day 5 (2 ex. that were left over from Wed), and rest of Day 6 — I REALLY wanted to skip this, but got it done in the fitness room at my work before I went home to collapse LOL… such a long week!  This workout took me about 20minutes.

Thursday Night Dinner (aka pre-race meal test run): 

  • big bowl of oats (1cup) with 1 scoop protein powder, mixed with some PB and almond milk
  • Macros: 50p 60c 18f (approx 600kcals)
  • I ate this above my regular macros so I hit 2600kcals this day
  • Friday
    • 14mile Long Run with Megan — my pace for these is 8-8:40min/mile
    • Before the run, I had 1 scoop of UCAN with a little water. No fuel was needed during the run


Total Miles for the week (not counting “Nike-miles”) = 59

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!! 🙂 

Bonus Activity During the Week:

  • Additionally, I have been taking Nike for a walk/jog each morning or afternoon for about 1.5-2miles ! 🙂  

This past Sunday, I stepped on a rock (during the trail run) which really stretched/pulled the plantar fascia on my left foot and I ended up with a massive KNOT on my calf. It also resulted in my left hip flexor feeling strained as  I believe it was  compensating for the calf/foot.  I really don’t want to have to take a week off or miss time training for the marathon (or ever, for that matter) so I actively worked to help it recover, repair and heal.  By Thursday, the pain was almost completely gone! Just in time for the long run on Friday :)….
Here  is what I did to help it:
  •  (1) Rolled it (back and forth over the knot to break it up) with my R8 and/or massaged it as much  as I could during the day at work, and I also stretched my calf a few times a day.  I would say that I spent about 45-60minutes in total each day rolling and massaging it…
  • and (2) I drank 2 gallons of water a day to help flush out what I was breaking up, and water also helps the body have access to as much oxygen as it needs which really helps in recovery. I normally drink 1gallon a day, so I found that doubling it a little difficult but it really helped!
As part of my regular routine to prevent injury:

Reflections on the week: 

  1. Trail Running is HARD!  After the run on Sunday, I knew Monday’s 800’s would be tough – so I just decided to focus on effort over pace.  Instead of trying to do my 800’s at the goal pace (3:08-3:15), I just did my best effort for the 1/2mile’s (with 2:30 easy pace in between, or .25miles).
  2. Running with Friends is fun and also very motivating! I feel like the miles fly by when I am running with people.
  3. Lifting: I definitely prefer the 4-days per week lifting versus the 6-days.  It still worked out to about 120minutes total for the week.  I want to utilize the weekend days for lifting in the next weeks which would take care of 2 lifts (1 on Sat, 1 on Sun), then I would just need to lift on 2 of the weekdays instead of 4.
  4. Pre-Race Nutrition Practice: I think practicing my night-before and morning-of fuels for the long run will help a lot on race day.  I felt good this week on the run so I think the oatmeal/protein/pb meal is a good combo for me to keep using.  And I used UCAN before my Monday/Wed/Friday runs – the tougher runs, which seems to work really well for me.
  5. Mental/Physical Challenge: Some days (like the end of the long runs) I wish that running was easy.   But then I think that if it was easy always, then the room for growth and the feelings of accomplishing a goal would not be worth the time/energy to train.  I think I need to embrace the challenge more, appreciate that my body is adapting when I push the effort/pace, and enjoy the journey to where I am going! 🙂


Back to GF, Plant-based, IIFYMing

Ok, so I know I said I’d give the vegan thing another 2-3weeks, but I just got sick of feeling bloated.  I’m not sure why my body did that, but as soon as I added egg whites and whey protein back in, my body immediately (overnight) lightened/tightened up and just felt so much better.  So, I did discover a few products I really liked – Rise bars, square bars, and the D’s Natural No cow Fluffbutter – but I’m back to my non-restrictive way of eating.  It’s plant-based and gluten free, but more of a vegetarian style with meat every so often (like special occasions).



  • I’m happy I tried it, but ultimately it was just not for me right now.
  • I think the most important thing with food is to not over-complicate things — just eat whole foods, feel good, and enjoy ‘fun’ stuff in moderation.
  • I’ll still use the my macros app and am tracking there — my guide right now is 145p 200c 45f (approx 1785kcals).  Some days, I am more like 2000kcals but I like this set as my guide for now 🙂





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