Week 2 Marathon Training Workouts, New Recipes, Protein Bar Reviews, Podcasts of the Week

Marathon Training – My 2nd Official week on plan – This post includes my week of Running, Lifting, Protein Bars I tried, some Favorite Protein Recipes I baked/cooked up, and also some awesome Podcasts I learned a bit from! 🙂

  • I’m now 10weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Sept. 24).  In addition, I also have a half marathon in 7 weeks and a 10k in 2weeks! 🙂
  • My goals are honestly  just to run my best in each race.  I am going to train to hopefully do a sub-40min 10K, a 1:30 half, and a 3:15 full (or better of course!).
  •  I working with my running coach Susan – she is also doing the same marathon!  You can read more about my training plan from her in my Week 1 post here

Running, Lifting, Recipes this week (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • Saturday
    • Major REST Day!!!!!  I went with my friend Yasi and her husband and my husband Chris and Nike to a Farmer’s market! Then spent the rest of the day on the couch and ate a lot!  I think I was more active this past week – between running, walking Nike, and teaching PE outside each day – than I thought and my body needed extra nutrients to recover.
    • Yasi took these super cute pictures of Nike! I also discovered that dogs LOVE apples! 🙂


  • Monday
    • 9 mile run — easy  run mostly, but it included 4x800m hard effort with 400m recovery
    • Back/Bi’s Lift from Megan’s Program (Week 1 Option A) – this took about  25-30min 
    • I tried a new protein bar today as a mid-day snack, and it’s pretty good!  It was the dark chocolate sea salt RX bar
    • I also made up a NEW RECIPE — > PUMPKIN Protein Cookie Dough! 
    • Podcast Today that I learned quite a bit from: The Model Health podcast with Dr. Michael Roizen:  on fiscal and physical fitness
      • main takeaway: Weight is not one of the main factors to be concerned with in regards to health.  What we should be measuring is our Waist Size — it should be 1/2 of your height to be ‘healthy’.  This is something to monitor monthly.  Blood pressure is the other thing to monitor for health.

  • Tuesday
    • Chest/Tri Lift from Megan’s Program — I went fast through this in about 20ish minutes because that’s all the time I had from when the gym opened to when I was meeting my friends to run 🙂 
    • 7m easy run chatting with Yasi & Megan
    • Breakfast this morning (& yesterday) was a FluffTASTIC lowcarb/high protein waffle with a pumpkin spice latte using 1 scoop Slap-O-Lantern (code REBEKAH for discount) mixed with hot water and cashew milk! 🙂
    • Podcast today: Evening Routines to enhance sleep and accelerate fat loss
      • main takeaway: SLEEP is vitally important to life — getting quality sleep is better than number of hours.  I am planning to begin a new routine this week to help me sleep better based on Shawn’s recommendations.  This routine will include: getting off my phone/tv 60min before bed & replacing that with talking to Chris, reading, listening to podcasts, self-massaging with my R8 or R3, and using my magnesium supplement from Slap (code REBEKAH) – called “Relax, Bro”

  • Wednesday
    • Shoulder Lift from Megan’s plan (I skipped the ‘calves’ part due to time) – this took about 20min
    • 8miles with 5miles  @ pace/tempo of 7:10 min/mile with Megan
    • tried the chocolate chip rx bar — not very chocolate-chippy IMO but tastes  decent… I prefer the dark chocolate one from Monday
    • I got a new “healthy” Eat Enlightened Ice cream flavor – Chocolate PB! And it is SO Good!  I found it at Wegmans! 🙂



Thursday Night Dinner (aka pre-race meal test run): 

  • big bowl of oats (1cup) with 1 scoop protein powder, mixed with some coconut oil and sea salt
  • Macros: 50p 60c 18f (approx 600kcals)

  • Friday
    • 16mile Long Run with Megan — our avg pace was 8:12min/mile!
    • I wasn’t hungry at all this morning so I just had some water. I brought some gu just in case, but didn’t need it. I think having the extra salt and carbs the night before fueled me well.
    • We listened to a podcast while running which helped time fly by! And we learned a lot.
      • Main takeaway: To help make your partner (or anyone feel good/important), there’s diff phrases you can memorize to use based on whether the receiver is male/female.
        • When talking to a male, it’s good to say things like “what a great idea” or “that’s so helpful”. (Versus telling them what to do).
        • When talking to a female, say things like “tell me more” or “explain how you’re feeling” (versus trying to fix the problem).

Total Miles for the week (not counting “Nike-miles”) = 55

Looking forward to starting a new week tomorrow!! 🙂 

Bonus Activity During the Week:

  • Additionally, I have been taking Nike for a walk/jog each morning or afternoon for about 1.5-2miles ! 🙂
  • We are getting a fence soon so we can do more “play” in the backyard and lessen the amount of walking time while she is in her growing stages. 🙂

*The pain in my foot/calf I wrote about last week is gone! yay 🙂
As part of my regular routine to prevent injury:

Reflections on the week: 

  1. I LOVE podcasts. I’ve been listening to them non-stop and really enjoy learning as I run/drive/walk the dog.  If you have any suggestions, comment below!
  2. I miss lifting heavy. My goal this next week is to focus a little more on my lifts instead of just trying to rush through them.  I just feel softer, and can tell my strength is decreasing because the weights aren’t as heavy as they used to be.  I’ve just been going through the motions instead of applying my energy to them like I should.
  3. Pre-Race Nutrition Practice: I think practicing my night-before and morning-of fuels for the long run will help a lot on race day.  I felt good this week on the run so I think the oatmeal/protein/fats/salt meal is a good combo for me to keep using.
  4. Mental/Physical Challenge: This week felt fantastic.  I know that some weeks will feel better than others, so I’m enjoying the fact that this one was so good! 🙂
  5. 10K is NEXT Sunday!  I have a cut-back week this next week so I will be ready to run the 10K next sunday.  My goal is 39minutes or faster! 🙂

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