Rise Bar Review

Rise bars are the “The Simplest Protein Bar” — Each bar has only 3-5 real food ingredients, and 15-20grams of protein.  They are gluten/soy/peanut free and don’t have any artificial ingredients or sugar alcohols. They have VEGAN and WHEY versions.

I found these on amazon a few weeks ago when I was looking for vegan/gluten-free protein bars.  I bought a box of the lemon cashew and LOVED them, and posted about them here.


  • Overall, all of the bars I tried have the texture and feel of a Quest bar – they are chewy but dense.  I found the Rise bars to be much more filling than other protein bars — as in, they don’t leave me still wanting to eat another one after (I think because they don’t use the artificial sugars, which can cause subsequent cravings).
  • I think the taste of the bars matches the flavor-names perfectly.  I believe this would be because most of the bars are basically named after the few ingredients they are composed of! For example, the Almond-honey bars are just made of almonds, honey, and whey protein (this flavor is one of their best sellers)
  • The macros are great.  All the bars have 15-20g of protein, about 25g of carbs, and about 15g of healthy fats.  Each bar is approx. 300kcals.  While that may seem higher than other protein bars – like quest/one/luna/etc, I appreciate that Rise uses the real/natural sugars versus the artificial, plus it’s only about 50kcals more than the other comparable type of bars.
  • It really feels like I’m eating real food, and it is more satisfying than the artificial ones.
  • I am comfortable including one of these (or more) in my food intake each day because they don’t make my stomach uncomfortable and I don’t feel bloated.
  • These are PERFECT for me to take to school/work to eat between classes!  I have 1/2 bar and an apple between my 2nd and 3rd blocks/periods, then have the other 1/2 of the bar for “dessert” after my lunch salad 🙂



These are the FIVE flavors/bars that I tried and absolutely LOVED.  Like, I don’t think I could pick a favorite. My favorite was just whichever one I was eating that day.  Each of them in my mind are a 10 out of 10 on their flavor, texture, and satisfied feeling after (not left wanting to keep eating more and more):

Lemon Cashew (vegan):


Chocolatey coconut (vegan):


Chocolatey Almond:


Almond Honey


Mint Chip


These are the other 2 flavors I tried, but just were not my favorite flavors.  Cacao Banana definitely tastes like chocolate and banana, but I am just not a fan of that flavoring (if you like choc. banana, you would love these!)  The other was Sunflower Cinnamon which is Vegan & Nut-free. Again, I just was not a fan of the cinnamon and sunflower seed butter flavors, but if you do like those flavors, you would enjoy this bar 🙂

Overall Impression:

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a new Rise Bar Fan(atic) 🙂 !  I will continue to buy/eat these, and might try to do some recipes with them in the future.  I love what this company stands for and the integrity of their products.

Check them out! #madesimple for you


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