Week 3 Marathon Training, 10K Race Week, Rise Bar (protein bar) Week, Milestone Pod

Marathon Training – My 3rd Official week on plan – This post includes my week of Running, Lifting, Protein Bars I tried, some Favorite Protein Recipes I baked/cooked up, and also some awesome Podcasts I learned a bit from! 🙂

  • I’m now 9weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Oct 1).  In addition, I also have a half marathon in 6 weeks and a 10k this Sunday! 🙂
  • My goals are honestly  just to run my best in each race.  I am going to train to hopefully do a sub-40min 10K, a 1:30 half, and a 3:15 full (or better of course!).
  •  I working with my running coach Susan – she is also doing the same marathon!  You can read more about my training plan from her in my Week 1 post here

Running, Lifting, Podcasts, Recipes this week (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • Saturday
    • 4mile easy run
    • Leg Lift, Option B for Week 2 of Megan’s Program– this took about 30minutes
    • Rise Bar Week! Rise Bars sent me a couple boxes of their bars to try.  Today I tried the Almond-honey bar and loved it! (the only ingredients are almonds, whey, honey) .  I’ve tried the lemon cashew bar (5-ingredient vegan protein bar) and this one was even better!
    • I also purchased a protein dessert e-book from an insta-friend @kmathewson_fit and tried out her protein bar recipe, which turned out really yummy.

  • Podcasts today: Tools and Tips for Better sleep on The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast —
    • Tim compiled different interviews with elite/successful athletes where they discussed their strategies for rest/recovery.  It was really good, and motivating for me to put more emphasis on my sleep 🙂 … I ordered a supplement called Yin Reserve to try out from Charles Poliquin (who is the first interview in the podcast)


  • Monday
    • 7 mile run — 5 miles to the gym, then the lift, then 2miles home
    • Back/Bi’s Lift from Megan’s Program (Week 2 Option B) – this took about  30min 
    • Rise Bar today was the Vegan Protein Bar: Sunflower Cinnamon flavor- it was very cinnamon-y.. It was good, but I prefer the other flavors so far.


  • Tuesday
    • Shoulder Lift from Megan’s Program — I went heavy this week and took about 30minutes for this lift
    • 6m easy run
    • Rise Bar today was the Cacao Banana flavor- this is probably my least favorite so far (but only because I just don’t like banana flavored things) – If I like chocolate-banana, I’d probably love this one because that’s exactly what it tasted like!


  • I also tried out the milestone pod today that I got yesterday.  It’s pretty cool- it just clips onto your shoe, and gives you an analysis of your running after each run.  It’s bluetoothed to the app in my phone, so this is a photo of  the actual pod (on shoe) and then the information I received from the app based on my running.  One of the things I need to work on is my leg swing, and if you click on it in the app, it gives you tips on how to improve that particular aspect:
  • Speed Workout with Megan and Yasi
    • 7.5miles total, which included a 2mile warmup, then 5x1000m in 4minutes with a 45-60sec recovery between intervals, then a 2mile cooldown
    • I worked on my leg swing (one of the things the milestone pod said I could improve on) by repeating to myself “high heel, high knee, high toe” during the 1000m runs.  I could definitely see and feel how that makes me a more efficient runner! I felt really smooth during the speed workout.  In my milestone pod report from today’s run, I had a high leg swing 28% of the time, which is probably when I was focusing on it.
  • Posted a recipe last night of my breakfasts for the next 3 days — PB Protein Waffle Sandwiches
  • Rise Bar today was the Chocolate Almond flavor- One of my new favorites (almond honey and lemon cashew are my other faves so far) —  Only 4 ingredients: almonds, honey, whey, cacao.



  • Friday
    • No long run today because I have a 10K race on Sunday! It’s supposed to rain, so I’m really hoping the rain waits until after the race…. but, who knows, maybe it will motivate me to run faster??
    • Workout today was a 30minute Insanity workout “SweatFest” and easy/slow 3 mile  run with Yasi!
    • Rise Bar today was the Mint Chocolate flavor- it Tasted like a Big, Chewy Andes Mint — Really good!

Total Miles for the week = 39

As part of my regular routine to prevent injury:

Reflections on the week: 

  1. I need to work on running with a higher leg swing. This is one of the main things I noticed as a result of the milestone pod analysis.  When I focus on having a high knee, high heel, high toe during the run, my leg swing is high and I feel ultra-smooth and efficient with my running.  It’s HARD to do it an entire run right now, so I’m going to work on incorporating it for at least 1-2miles a day.  And, it will be a good ‘mantra’ for me during the race this weekend.
  2. 10K is this Sunday!  My goal is 39minutes or faster! I am also adding 4 miles to the end of the run to turn it into my ‘long run’ for the week.
  3. Check out my full Review of Rise Bars here!



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