Charlottesville Classic 10k Recap & Post-Race Protein Donuts ‘n’ Cream

I won the Charlottesville Classic 10k today! I’m not by any means an elite runner, but I did some things today that I think might be helpful to others on a race day (and helpful for me to look back & remember!).

I did this 10k as a training stepping stone to the California International Marathon in December. My goal was to be under 40minutes, but the conditions/course made that a little tougher and I finished in 42minutes, which I am still happy with. I gave my best effort and came out with self-satisfaction, a champion plaque, and champion pumpkin.

Pre-Race :


  • On the drive, I sipped on some Slap-O-Lantern pumpkin latte (mixed the slapolantern with hot water- code REBEKAH for discount on Slap products ) 
  • Made it to the race venue at 6am and got my bib!
  • Went back to my car to pin the bib on and get some pre-race fuel. (I didn’t eat before I left the house) —> I had 1 scoop of lemonade UCAN mixed with a little water (so like a pudding) plus a couple of Clif Shot Blocks. 
  • Jogged a mile to Warmup!
  • Found the bathrooms, & then stretched until the race started


  • I knew the race course was mostly downhill until mile 4/5 where it would then be a steady climb. So I went out fast. There was a pack of guys that I was with the first mile then they sort of vanished by the second mile because their pace was much faster than mine.

The entire race, my mantras were

  • to “go 87%” — this is a concept from the book Elite Minds. Where the author explains that athletes perform their best when they shoot to go 87% (versus 110%). This REALLY helped! I didn’t overextend myself in the early parts of the race, & I also kept calm during the end of the race. Here’s the excerpt from the book:


  •  & also to run with “High knees and high heels” —> from using the MilestonePod last week, I found that my leg swing needs to be higher. This mantra is one that my running coach Susan shared with me that she uses to keep her leg swing high & efficient … by mile 3, the high knees weren’t happening anymore (just too tired) 😂 so I just focused on the high heels.—> I clearly need to work more on my leg swing. I feel much smoother when it’s high, it’s just not a habit yet so I will keep training with this mantra & get better with it over time! I do think that focusing on Form really helped me mentally stay in the race and keep my pace at times.

Humidity & Hills:

  • The race was done in 100% humidity, but not raining. So I know that affected my pace some.
  • As I mentioned earlier, the first part of the race was mostly downhill with the latter part of the race being uphill. Here’s a good illustration of my paces, and then the pace (blue) with the elevation changes(green)

This is a little info from on how humidity affects pace:


  • My goal was 6:30min/mile pace. I hit under that on the downhill miles but was slightly over it on the flat miles, and mile 5 was just all climb so I was a minute over it. However, without the humidity, I think I would have been really close to the 39min goal. And that’s what I’ll keep aiming for with my next 10k 👍🏼😄


  • The course was very well marked, and I was alone for pretty much all of it so I was heavily relying on the markings/posters/cones they had in place. There were also volunteers along the course who helped and cheered us on too. :).
  • I’m really happy with the training Susan has had me doing and how it translated to the race. Each week, she has me doing 800m or 1000m repeats & I was drawing on (recalling) those workouts as I was plugging through the last bits of the 10k today. The pain is similar I suppose. 😅🤷🏼‍♀️

Post Race:

  • I ran another 2.75miles to round out at 10miles for my long run for the week.
  • Then the awards ceremony was at 830am
  • I was the 3rd overall and 1st female finisher – I won a nice plaque, medal, glass cup, & a pumpkin 🎃 which was cool.


  • I had a really great experience and would do a race with this company again and/or recommend their races. 👍🏼👍🏼
  • On the way home, I drank my 3Liter bottle of water and ate the 2 Apples I brought.

PostRace Protein Donuts n Cream! 

  • Macros for both (9donuts and 32oz ice cream): 63p 12c 2.5f (323kcals)


This was a super simple 3-ingredient donut recipe & my regular protein ice cream.(both recipes below) I used Slap Creamy Vanilla Frosting Whey to make both ! (Code REBEKAH for discount )

Protein Ice cream


Protein Donuts:

Mix the 3 ingredients (& water) and cook in a donut maker or waffle maker (makes 9 mini donuts or 1 waffle):

  • 2tbsp coconut flour
  • 1scoop protein powder
  • 1/2cup egg whites
  • 1/4cup water


I dipped my donuts into the ice cream and then a cocoa/stevia mixture 😋



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