Week 4 Marathon Training, Lifting, Reflections

Marathon Training – My 4th Official week on plan – This post includes my week of Running, Lifting! 🙂

  • I’m now 8weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Oct 8).  In addition, I also have a half marathon in 5 weeks ! 🙂
  • My goals are honestly  just to run my best in each race.  I am going to train to hopefully do a 1:30 half, and a 3:15 full (or better of course!).
  • I’m back to using my CARVE workout plans
    • I went back to these lifts because these are full body lifts, and I seem to get the best physique results (IMO) & feel best when I am doing them.  I plan to just use CARVE 1-2-3 lifts each week on days when my run is 6miles or less.  My other days will be the runs that are 8-10miles plus (I’ll do abs/plyo work on these days)
  •  I working with my running coach Susan – she is also doing the same marathon!  You can read more about my training plan from her in my Week 1 post here

Running, Lifting this week (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • Saturday
    • 2mile easy run (just a shakeout run for the race tomorrow)
    • Used my R8 a bit to be ready for running  the 10K on Sunday

  • Monday
    • 6 mile run in 51ish minutes— Treadmill today bc of Rain.
    • Carve2 Lift  (I did 5miles of the run before the lift, then 1 mile after)
    • More Donuts and Ice Cream for post workout breakfast! Same as recipe as here

  • Tuesday
    • 10m easy run — I ran 2.75miles on my own, then 6.75 with my friend Yasi, then I did 2miles with Nike (most of this was walking, but I’m estimating I had about 1/2 mile of jogging in there since she likes to run home – we go 1 mile out, then when we turn back, she likes to run fast to get home!)
    • I was supposed to include 6miles of tempo running in this, but my legs are still heavy from the race so I took it easy.  I’ll try to work in some tempo miles tomorrow! 🙂
  • 6miles on treadmill – I did .5mile warmup at 7.0mph, then ran between 8mph-9mph for the remainder, so I got in the tempo miles that I skipped yesterday 😉
  • CARVE 3 Lift I posted a little bit here about what I’m focusing on as I run and as I lift in preparation for the marathon
  • Also, huge Thanks to Rise bar for the tank top and these cute little mini-protein bars! These are for sale on their website – they are about 1/3rd of a bar, and are perfect as a snack when you need a little energy, but not a whole bar.
  • Thursday Night Pre-Race Dinner Practice meal
    • oats with protein and oil … This works really well for me – I had 3 servings of this meal though, which was too much for me. I think 1.5-2 servings would be optimal.  I wasn’t hungry Friday morning, so I ran fasted for the long run and felt fine.


  • Friday
    • 18 Miles with Megan today!!  We averaged 8:17/mile, and it felt good.  I’m starting to feel like 26 miles in 3hrs15min is possible!  We plan to do our 20-miler next week.
    • we listened to a podcast on the Tim Ferriss Show with Vince Vaughn, called “How to Fear Less


Total Miles for the week = 57

As part of my regular routine to prevent injury:

Reflections on the week: 

  1. Getting a Fence if you have a Puppy is LIFE Changing! Our backyard fence was finished on Tuesday, and It is so nice for her and also for me (so I don’t have to walk her 2-3miles a day!) that she can go outside and run around without a leash!

2. Figure out what works for myself – One thing I’m really realizing is that the best diet/exercise is the one that I enjoy!  I have really fallen in love with training for speed for the 10k, and that’s what I want to focus on after the marathon.  At first, I was a little mad that I’d signed up for the full marathon, but I found out that most of the elite 10k runners actually run 70-80miles/week!  With that in mind, I’m excited to use this marathon training as a way to vamp up my 10k training.  I am finding a groove with lifting and running and macros (getting a little bit better each week), and reframing the training I’m doing for the full marathon has really helped me be excited about it and look forward to some of the challenging distances that are on my running plan. 🙂

Meme of the week: LOL 🙂  – because this is what Megan and I are doing! hahaha



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