Week of Training: Oct. 14-21

Marathon Training – October 14-21 – This post includes my week of Running, Lifting! 🙂and other stuff I’ll add in – like recipes, podcasts.  I’m going to be updating this daily this week – so adding to it each day. (I just don’t have enough time to post my daily running, but want to log it — so I’ll update here and also use insta-story)

  • I’m now 7 weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Oct 15).  In addition, I also have a half marathon in 4 weeks ! 🙂
  • My goals are honestly  just to run my best in each race.  I am going to train to hopefully do a 1:30 half, and a 3:15 full (or better of course!).
  • For weight lifting: I’m using my CARVE workout plans
    • I use CARVE 1-2-3 lifts each week on 3 different days, then do 2-3 days of Insanity as another form of cross training (plyometrics/core) .
  •  I working with my running coach Susan – she is also doing the same marathon!  You can read more about my training plan from her in my Week 1 post here

Running, Lifting this week (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • Saturday
    • 8mile easy run with Yasi
    • Carve 1 Lift
    • Made some White Chocolate Cheesecake Pumpkin Donuts (Recipe below) using Slap Jacks  – protein pancake mix



  • Monday
    • 9mile run –  I got blasted with rain the last 1.5miles of it 😦 … the weather channel app told me it wouldn’t start raining until 6:45am… it started at 6am.
    • 30 minute insanity express workout in the Beachbody app for some plyo/core work, and stretching

  • Tuesday
    • 8.5 mile easy run with Yasi and Megan
    • CARVE 3 Lift — video from it here
      • Belcorva Leggings discount code is REBEKAH



  • Friday
    • 20 mile Long Run with Megan! You can see us trying to jump after for a fun photo here.
    • PreRun – I had 1 scoop of Lemonade UCAN mixed with a little water. And that carried me through! 🙂

Total Miles for the week = 66.5 

As part of my regular routine to prevent injury:

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