White chocolate protein waffle – 240kcals, 3ingredients

White Chocolate Protein Waffle

  • Gluten free
  • 240kcals
  • Macros: 26p 25c 4f
  • 3 ingredients

Tomorrow morning (God-willing) will be my first 20-mile training run in preparation for the California International Marathon 😬 , So I wanted to prepare with a healthy meal like waffles and protein ice cream. 😋


Preheat and grease waffle maker. Mix the following ingredients and cook in waffle maker!

  • Note: I used Slap Nutrition White Chocolate Protein Slap Jacks pancake mix – it’s a “just add water mix” that has great macros and is really clean as far as ingredients go. Code REBEKAH will save you $

  • While the waffle was cooking, I whipped up some protein ice cream to eat along with!  💪🏼 see recipe here

Yummy , Gluten free & healthy 👍🏼. Hoping it helps me nail this run tomorrow! I have some carbs left still so I may add a bowl of oatmeal too. Or another waffle 🤔. Probably a waffle.

Happy Friday everyone!


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