Week of Training – Nov. 18-24, & why I skipped the Thanksgiving 10K race

Marathon Training – Nov. 18 -Nov. 24: TAPER WEEK 1 – This post includes my week of Running, Lifting! 🙂and other stuff I’ll add in – like recipes, podcasts.  

  • I’m now 2 weeks from the California International Marathon (as of Nov. 12).
  • My goals are honestly  just to run my best in the upcoming race.  I am training to do a 3:11 full marathon (or better of course!).
  • I try to include some sort of cross training 5-6days a week – either lifting weights or an insanity (plyo/core/HIIT) Workout
  •  I working with my running coach Susan – she is also doing the same marathon!  You can read more about my training plan from her in my Week 1 post here

Running, Lifting this week (I start my week on Saturdays):

  • I actually started this week on Friday afternoon with a Full body Lift (same as last week’s lifting) because I was planning to do a 10K on thanksgiving.


  • 10 miles total (3 with Nike and 7 with Cathy)
  • I went with my friend Cathy to do a practice run of the Turkey Trot 10K course I planned to do on Thanksgiving.  IT was VERY HILLY.  I chatted with Susan (my coach) about it and she said that I would need to run it as a “training run” and not as  a race (which I am terrible at – if it’s a race, I want to race) so I wouldn’t injure myself before the marathon.  Instead of trying to run it carefully, we decided it would be best to pull out.- you can see the course’s elevation changes below.
  • Full Body Lift (same as last week’s) – column 2
  • I also finished up a knitting course this weekend and am excited to start making scarves as gifts (starting with something super easy!)


  • Easy run  – 6miles (3 with Nike and 3 on my own) & 15 min Insanity, 15min Yoga Flex


  • 30 minute max30 (Friday Fight Rd 2) with Yasi
  • Easy 7 mile run (4 with Yasi and 3 with Nike)


  • 30 min Insanity and 6 miles easy (3 with Yasi and 3 with Nike)< ul>


  • 3 miles with Nike (I jog, she walks… her ‘walking’ pace is 9-10min/mile)
  • 2miles run to the gym
  • Full body lift (same as Saturday’s!) — this is my LAST lift before the marathon.  Susan recommends stopping lifting 10days before the race.  I had ‘dead’ legs on Friday (after lifting Wed/Thurs) so I think it’s smart to lay off the lifting until post race! 🙂
  • 2mile run home
  • Happy Thanksgiving!



  • 3mile warmup with Nike
  • 7 miles
  • 15 min stretch
  • Another waffle bowl!! (to be honest, I’ve been making that White Chocolate waffle and ice cream Daily this week … very yummy!)

Total Miles for the week = 52

  • NEXT WEEK will be minimal mileage (2-4miles/day) with the marathon on Sunday, Dec. 3! 🙂

As part of my regular routine to prevent injury:



2 thoughts on “Week of Training – Nov. 18-24, & why I skipped the Thanksgiving 10K race

    1. So the one in the photo is a bag of salad mix from Kroger or wegmans (it has cabbage and carrots mixed in). I usually top it with mustard and/or balsamic vinegar. And then this salad in the picture has some cheese sprinkles on it (it’s actually a popcorn topping).
      I also like to add in steamed veggies! Occasionally I’ll add meat, but I usually don’t need more protein due to the protein ice cream and waffles i include in my days 🙂


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