Post-Marathon Workout Plans

Hey all!!  As I’ve posted before, I finished my last marathon ever with a nice PR.  Although the race was a Great experience, I just do not want to keep training that way.  I enjoy more of a mix – for variety reasons and also for my own results.

My current workout goals are: be as light and strong as I can; making working out a PART of my life that enhances it, not making my whole life about working out; and to stay in 10K race shape. I love lifting weights & running & doing ‘insanity’/bootcamp types of workouts so I incorporate all 3, along with stretching.

“[Lifting weights] raises your metabolism and burns calories when your not working out during recovery process.. Higher metabolism equals increased fat loss during cardio…” – Suzanne Markey

I believe each person is unique and different things work for different people, but sometimes it’s nice to have a framework to start from and pick the things you like/dislike to make it your own!  So I posted what I’m up to on my new current training/nutrition page — feel free to copy it, share it (tag me @RebekahKFit if you like it or post it!), and modify it to your liking!

This Week has been really cold!! But Nike, Yasi, and I still are getting our workouts in.  I got some YakTrax this past fall, and those have been really helpful for the runs on the slightly slippery/icy roads with Nike so far.

As far as nutrition (I explained it on my new page), but I am still eating intuitively.  I haven’t tracked macros for a few weeks now and am enjoying going by feel versus a requirement.

I am trying out some principles from a podcast/book I’m checking out right now.  I already stay away from gluten due to my misophonia, but I am wondering if using Keto principles would clear up the sound sensitivity even more.  I don’t want to commit to full Keto but I am interested to try out some of the ideas Mark has in his book and see how it goes.


In the podcast, Mark (being interviewed) brought up interesting points about how fruit is processed in the body (I am going to start reducing fruit bc of this), and also how eating fats are beneficial for hormones.  He also shared how he is not hungry as frequently and doesn’t eat if he’s not hungry — basically along the same lines of what I’ve been trying to do with intuitive eating.  Eat for your own body to feel good, not eating because of the time or whatever.

  • Here is a link to that podcast. if you are interested 🙂
  • My other top podcast this week is LifeChurch – one of my favorites, but the series Craig is currently in “God with Us” has been really good.
  • I explain this a bit more on my “current workouts/nutrition” page, and am also keeping an instagram ‘highlight reel’ of the keto reset if you’re interested 🙂

Hope you all have an awesome week! 


4 thoughts on “Post-Marathon Workout Plans

  1. Great idea to share your workouts and nutrition on a separate page!

    I’ve been reading a lot about Keto lately as well. Still on the fence, can’t wait to see how you implement it. I think it’ll take a huge mindset shift for me to fully embrace it though with the amount of fat.

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