New Year – New Workout Plan, Keto Update, & My first Air Fryer

Happy New Year!!!

New Workout Plan & Keto Update

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve started a new workout plan that consists of :

  • some easy cardio for general health (to hit 10-12K steps/day),
  • lifting 4x a week (15min per lift),
  • doing HIIT/Insanity 2-3x a week,
  • and incorporating more yoga/piyo 4-5 days a week.

You can read over it and download it (free) on this page.  My goal is to stay consistent and improve my fitness/health – no races/competitions in sight. I enjoy working out with my dog and my friends Yasi (in photo below) and Megan.

My body is doing great with the ketogenic approach so I plan to keep that going — I explain my reasons for doing keto (not weight-loss related) and share a link to the book I am using as a guide on this page and also here.

This has been my basic grocery list & what my typical meals look like these days:

This is another book and a couple of podcasts that I’ve found really helpful in my approach to fitness and health this year:


Air Fryer

I got a new air fryer for christmas and have made a couple of things with it already – quesadilla, pork belly, and broccoli!  It’s pretty easy – I just spray the item with some Pam and put in the food for the recommended amount of time!  Here is a chart from a FB group I’m a part of with recommended times.



My Verse of the Year






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