Zero Carb 2-ingredient Donuts

This super easy recipe makes 9 mini-donuts that are 26kcals each (4g protein, 1g fat per donut)! I’m not sure this is technically “allowed” by true ZC-ers (zero carb dieters) but I like to make up my own rules 😂. Plus I’ve got a tub of Slappy Birthday Whey Isolate in my pantry and wanted to be creative with it!

The best part of these donuts is that I was able to put some beef and bacon between 2 of them and make a mini-slider!

Just for reference, this is the Donut maker I use (from Amazon)

  • And I used Slap “Slappy Birthday” Protein powder (any protein will work, but I am a fan of the minimal ingredients in Slap Nutrition, & it is Zero Carb ☺️) – you can use code REBEKAH to save money on any Slap nutrition products


Before I get to the donuts, I did make some air-fried bacon! That recipe is here !

  • If you have an air fryer & also make bacon before, don’t toss the grease just yet! You can use it for the donuts!

Donut Recipe:

Preheat and grease donut maker (or waffle maker)

Mix together:

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 2tbsp water (optional)

Spoon batter into donut maker (or waffle maker)

Cook approximately 5minutes in Donut maker (mine has a light that turns green when they are done)

OPTIONAL ➡️➡️Ok- so you can stop here and those will be fine! I wanted to experiment a little so I took 4 of the donuts and dipped them in the bacon grease at the bottom of the air fryer & then air fried the donuts for 5minutes at 360F until the outsides were golden & crispy! You definitely don’t need to do this but it added a little textural element of crispiness on the outside and fluffy inside ☺️

Here was my dinner plate!

And the macros for the whole plate:

Keto/ Zero Carb living presents a new baking challenge, but I’m enjoying the lifestyle switch so I’ll keep experimenting and hopefully come up with some yummy – and EASY recipes to share 💕

Have an awesome day everyone!


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