Yoga & What I learned from ZeroCarb

The End of Zero Carb: What I Learned

I’ve been doing the “zero carb” diet for a couple of weeks & while I saw the benefits of it, I also was finding I missed my colorful bowls of veggies, so I brought it to a close last night with this bowl:

Some eggs, beef, & steamed veggies!

Even though I’m not sticking with the meat & water only plan (for now), I learned a lot from it and am glad I did it. Here’s what I learned in my 2.5weeks:

  • The difference between satiated and full. I like being satiated but not full in the sense of my stomach has no room left (this used to be my goal). I would eat 5-8lbs of food a day & end up with some big bloated bellies by afternoon/evening which was not ideal. So, including fats with my meal is now something I enjoy because I am satiated but not stuffed.
  • Fiber isn’t necessary.. I used to aim for 40-50g fiber a day and realized my body digests better with a Lot less fiber.
  • I enjoy eating one main meal a day. Basically, I found I like doing more of a liquid “fat fast” during the day (I just add some coconut oil or butter to hot tea or bone broth when hungry during the day) and then doing one main meal at night. I found out this is actually called “the Warrior diet” & ordered that book to delve into next week. I’m still sticking with a Keto diet Bc of the benefits– just incorporating a longer “fasting” time 🙂
  • Cheese is not good to me- I got a reddish face from eating cheese so I’ll just live without from now on (i didn’t eat it too much anyhow).
  • Most importantly, I’ve started to dissociate food from “relaxing” in the evening. Instead of eating for 1-2 hrs & relaxing, I’ve found other ways to relax- like restorative yoga (yoga for tight hips is my favorite right now), crosswords, reading, and just hanging out with Chris and Nike 🐶.

New Workout Plan: Yoga

Another thing I’m also getting away from are super intense workouts like lifting, running hard (I still run but keep it at a conversational pace), Insanity/HIIT stuff. And I’ve replaced it with yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️

I discovered last night that Yoga was actually created to help build better bodies in the early 20th century by melding European gymnastics, military calisthenics with traditional Indian practices from disciplines like wrestling. Oftentimes, the name given to these strength-building regimes was “yoga.”

And the fast, flowing “vinyasas” were actually put together by a teacher of 9&10 year old boys as a way to improve their strength and also hold their attention! (From Mark Singleton’s ‘Yoga Body’ 📖)

After one week of doing it, I’m hooked! To me, Yoga is challenging (I’ve been sore) in many ways & now I am excited to start practicing this more as a lifestyle sport. It’s something I can do everyday and can keep growing in strength & flexibility daily.

It’s a workout that isn’t going to burn a ton of calories, but I am also not super hungry & feel good the rest of the day (versus feeling like I’m recovering all day). It’s a great offset to running too

I’m loving Caley Alyssa’s strength-based yoga workouts in the Beachbody On demand app. They’re challenging but not super advanced (like no handstands).

And I especially LOVE Caley’s 19min “Yoga for Tight Hips” routine on Alo Yoga ‘s Youtube channel. I’ve done it the last 2nights in a row.

As I began doing ketogenic dieting, I was inspired to find a workout plan that I enjoyed but one that wouldn’t zap me or make me hungry all day- a workout that helped me feel good the rest of the day, but one that I could also build on to improve strength/flexibility . And yoga seems to be a great fit!

Hope you have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Yoga & What I learned from ZeroCarb

  1. Great post, Rebekah! It is so great that you are flexible with your food and workouts to meet what your body needs and it sure sounds like it was wanting some veggies. Adapting your eats and workouts to fit your lifestyle is the way to go, rather than adapting life around food and workouts! Can’t wait to hear more on the Warrior Diet!

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