Week of Workouts, Warrior Diet, Weight Gain and Reverse Exercise/Diet-ing, New Fitness/Faith/Life goals

Week of Workouts

Dates: February 4-10


  • Steps: 10,230
    • Morning Yoga:15 min. Hip/Hamstrings flow
    • “End of Fast” Workout: Insanity Live 30min with Katy (I use the Beachbody On Demand – BOD – app)
    • Extras: none



Steps: 14,542


Steps: 11,038


Steps: 12,597


Steps: 12,658


Steps: TBD

    • Morning Yoga: 30minute ‘lesson’ with Heather at Healthy Life Yoga – she gave me some tips/exercises I can do to help me build up to a Handstand. I need to improve my hip/hamstring flexibility and also my core strength.
    • Workout: TBD (might be a rest day)
    • Extras: more handstand practice! Video is here

Warrior Diet:

The Warrior diet basically consists of a period of undereating/fasting and then one main meal for the day, which I explained more here and here.  This week went really well, and my body seems to be adapting to it better each week.  I only needed to use a tbsp of coconut oil once this week during the fasting phase.  Otherwise, I just stuck to BCAAs and Bone Broth during the day. I may bring some carrots or other plant food to use this week.

In the evening, I typically had 2 protein waffles (recipe is here and here) with Muenster cheese (like a grilled cheese sandwich using the waffle as bread), some air-fried veggies (broccoli or Brussel sprouts or cabbage), a few slices of turkey bacon, and peanut butter mixed with coconut oil. I had a few digestive enzymes/probiotics prior from gains in bulk as well. Then I had some sleepytime tea after.  If I was still hungry 20-30 minutes after, I ate more; if not, I didn’t.

Reverse Exercise/Diet-ing

Last year I did a reverse diet.  I gradually increased my calories (under the guidance of a coach) but I never felt comfortable decreasing my activity level.  I did try to, but after a couple of weeks I returned to training by doing 45-90min of running a day plus lifting a few days a week.  Right now, I am not worrying about calories – just eating until satisfied – yet, I am wanting to decrease my time/energy spent doing cardio.

Since completing the marathon (which I gained 5lbs training for), I’ve gained an additional 4lbs. (So 9lbs total) .. Although this is not really noticeable to anyone but myself (benefit of being tall), I am uncomfortable with the extra.  Yet, I refuse to increase my workouts/mileage.  I’ve actually decreased my morning mileage to just 3-4 miles and am finding I prefer a mix of sprints/walking with some jogging.  Since I am no longer banking on these mornings to hit my ‘daily steps/activity’ quota, I plan to walk more at work during the day and take my dog for walks in the evening as well.

I am also frustrated with getting up so early (around 415/430am) that I need to be in bed by 730/8/830pm each evening.  This is mostly because my husband works until 530-630pm most days and I have very little time during the week to just hang out with him.

I’ve tried moving my workouts (lifting and running) to the afternoons before, and found my workouts were not as good.  Like running 7miles after school was the worst….

However, with the Warrior Diet, I am finding my workouts are actually great (I just workout better on an empty stomach I think) and I also am not trying to train for running any longer, so walking or interval walk/sprint is just fine to me (aka ‘walking’ our crazy energetic dog). I really enjoy doing Yoga in the mornings so I plan to keep that there for now but cut down drastically on my ‘morning cardio’ – keeping it to just 30min with Nike & using it as a time to pray 💕

This is my new tentative training plan for now –based on my current goals (explained below).

  • 5:30am – wakeup, get dressed, do bible study on YouVersion, let Nike out to ‘potty’
  • 5:50am – meet up with Yasi do a 30min Yoga workout
  • 6:20am – take Nike out for 30min (we go rain/shine/snow)
  • 7am – clean the house for 10-15min, get ready for work (be there by 8am)
  • 8-3pm – work, be active (walking around more)
    • Do bible study workbook sometime too (I like the ones by Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer)
  • 3-6pm – other stuff – NO TV (once I turn the tellie on, it signals “time to relax”)
    • 15-30 minute workout (hiit/lift type, etc — the “workouts” from above)
    • 15 minutes on yoga for my tight hips/hamstrings and handstand practice (ie the “extras” from this week)
    • errands
    • 30 minute walk (maybe adding in some sprints) with dog
    • other creative endeavor (writing, video, not sure yet exactly)
  • 6-8:30/9pm:
    • Eat
    • Relax, hang out with Chris and the fur babies
    • TV
  • 845/9pm – start heading to bed (set stuff out for next day, brush teeth etc)
    • Journal (gratitude, prayer, etc)

Current Goals – fitness, faith, and life

  • Allow my body time to balance out and lose the 9lbs I gained – love and accept myself during the process

  • Faith
    • start day with YouVersion app bible study (these are 5minutes),
    • complete 1 day of a bible study workbook daily
    • gratitude/prayer journal daily (I need to get a notebook for this!)
  • Fitness
    • Practice yoga daily as long as I am enjoying it (a month of it has shown me I do enjoy it!)
      • At this time, I feel that I’d eventually like to become an instructor, but need to improve a lot and just grow in my practice much more
      • Be able to do the splits and a handstand – you can see my post here with my daily micro-habits I am doing to help me get there.
    • Life
      • Focus on what matters most: relationships … and allow more time for those.


3 thoughts on “Week of Workouts, Warrior Diet, Weight Gain and Reverse Exercise/Diet-ing, New Fitness/Faith/Life goals

  1. Sounds like you have a great plan for this coming week after these last few weeks of familiarizing yourself with the warrior diet. Like you, I prefer to find opportunities to move more throughout the day to increase my NEAT rather than an increase in planned cardio sessions. So great to hear you are thinking of becoming a yoga instructor down the road, very cool! You are very in tune with your body so I imagine that weight will balance itself out easily as you continue to hear your body!

    Liked by 1 person

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