Week of Workouts, Weight Loss!, Why I am loving Yoga, Inversion Courses & Cody app, & Combatting Spiritual Indifference

WorkoutsDates: February 11-18

I have been SO sore this week… in a good way.  Instead of doing hiit or lifting this week, I found myself wanting to practice yoga more and more (aside from Thursday, when I was just super sore & needed to take a little more time recovering).  I purchased a couple programs that work on increasing shoulder and core strength, which I explain below.

HIGHLIGHTS! – I got up into a handstand using the wall on Thursday, and continued to practice that 2-3 times a day each day after!

And progress!


o   Steps: 14,965

o   Morning Yoga:Flexibility Flow – 24minutes & really nice flow for recovery/stretching, plus some Foam rolling

o   Afternoon :


o   Steps: 13,852

o   Morning Yoga: 30 minute Power Vinyasa Flow for Strength (this was SUPER tough – great challenge)

o   Workout:


o   Steps: 14,084

o   Morning Yoga:

o   Workout:


o   Steps: 13, 273

o   Morning Yoga:

  • §  30min Love Flow (the instructor in this one is super-bendy! Very inspiring)

o   Workout:


o   Steps: 15,594

o   Morning Yoga:Build a Flow Class -30min with Kylan Fisher (I liked this one!)

  • §  I also did some handstand practice in the gym at school and got a few!  I will keep working with the wall and will hopefully be able to get my feet off and balance soon.

o   Workout:


o   Steps: 15,279

o   Morning Yoga: Booty Power Vinyasa with Caley Alyssa plus a few handstands w/the wall at home J

o   Workout:


o   Steps: 11,900

o   Yoga Practice:

  • §  Transformative Alignment (Josh Kramer in Cody app – app is discussed below!)
  • Hip Flexibility practice- 30min with Dylan Werner (also in Cody app)

Weight Loss

I posted last week about “reverse-exercising”.  With dropping my exercise this past month (MUCH less cardio and doing yoga vs hiit/lifting/insanity), I was up 9 pounds.  This week, my body seems to be adjusting to the lower intensity exercise level. And, I’ve lost 4lbs (some of which must have been water, but I also feel leaner and like my body is responding to yoga like it has in the past to lifting)

I’m able to fast all day (I still drink BCAAs and Keto Burst and tea) and then eat one meal at night – this week it was usually a high protein meal and vegetarian.  I used egg whites, protein powder, coconut flour to make protein waffles; I also air-fry some veggies and cheese; I usually toss in some lettuce; and, I will top the waffles (typically 2 of them) with peanut butter/coconut oil. You can see more of the recipes I use here and here.

I think this will change a bit this week – I wasn’t very regular this week and think it may have been due to using too much protein powder and coconut flour.  I plan to incorporate more eggs this week, fermented veggies (if any), & fats like cheese/olives/olive oil and less protein powder/flour.

Why I am Loving Yoga:

Learning a new skill is scary & can be intimidating, especially when a lot of the “instagram yogis” are exceptionally flexible & strong, & I seem to be neither … Yet, I find myself wanting to practice daily and looking forward to it every morning and afternoon!

Even though I don’t have the most gorgeous practice, I’m practicing 1.5-2hrs a day (without forcing myself) and am seeing progress each week

Here is the difference from Jan 20th to today (Feb 18th) in my hip Flexibility & posture

The things I’m loving about yoga are

1)      it’s challenging,

2)      it’s like an adventure everyday – our bodies are different daily, & using a variety of @aloyoga & @beachbodyyoga keep each day interesting,

3)      it doesn’t make me hangry all day like running and super intense hiit did, so I am able to stick with the Warrior diet – fasting/underfeeding all day and then eating one meal around 5/6pm … &

4)      it’s very similar to life – we are all unique w/different strengths/weaknesses but becoming “great” at yoga won’t come by comparing myself to others… what matters most is being present each day & doing my best & letting progress happen naturally!

New Programs I purchased:

inversions 101” – a course I’m doing by @caleyalyssa on @mindbodygreen 

  • The Inversions course is 5 lessons with exercises to build up to handstands and headstands.  I did lesson 1 this week and will stay at the ‘lesson 1 level’ until I am able to do all the poses that Caley introduces in that course.  Then, I will move on to the second lesson!

Rise Up Stronger” ebook I got from @chelseasyoga — basically all shoulder & core strengthening moves arranged into flows.

  • The ebook from Chelsea has a series of 3 flows that improve shoulder and core strength – both of which I need (along with flexibility!).  I’m planning to do one of her flows each day (they take 10-30minutes depending on how many rounds I do – I’m just going to start with 1 round.. they are tough!)

And I’m doing a Trial Membership of the following:

Cody App:

  • I’m doing the 1 week free trial to try out a program with Josh Kramer, plus try out some of their other programs.  I really enjoyed Josh’s flows on the AloYoga Youtube channel.  I found his flows very challenging – he is really advanced, but offers options for those of us who are not.  I think that because I couldn’t do all of his flows, I found them inspiring and I think his flows are also what made me sore this week.
  • I’ll decide by next Friday whether to purchase the membership or not – it’s $20/month, but since most of the yoga studios in my area cost $100-$150/month (or $15-$20 per class), I feel this is worth the investment if I use the plans.  They have a ton of options and plans that work on various things – flexibility, strength, backbends, etc – that could be very motivating for me I think.
  • After using it yesterday & today, my guess is I will get it. 🙂


I listened to a podcast this past week about “what would Jesus undo?” – And the first thing is ‘spiritual indifference’.  In order to combat being indifferent, Pastor Craig recommends doing 1 thing each day that Requires Faith.  So, I plan to post a verse or positive faith message on Instagram each day as a way to share the Gospel and good news of Jesus Christ.  This may change in the future, but for now, this is something that is out of my comfort zone and feel it’s something that I can do daily to combat being ‘spiritually indifferent”.  You can check out the Life Church sermon here (it’s the first

message of a series!)

Hope you have a great day!


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