Week of Yoga Workouts, Evolving Goals, Soul Detox, & How to breathe correctly (I’ve been breathing wrong my whole life!)

Workouts  — Dates: February 19-26

PROGRESS Photo of the week! 


I’m switching up how I log my ‘workouts’ this week, due to the past couple weeks of logging taking a bit more time than I’d like!

So, here is what my typical weekdays are looking like:

  • Steps: approximately 11,000-16,000 a day

Morning Yoga Practice: 30 minutes

  • This week, Yasi and I started a “Complete Body” Series, which seems perfect! The sessions are 20minutes – focusing on different body parts –  and then there is a 10min stretch as well that we can add on.  The instructor, Ashley, also has a 60minute “full body” vinyasa flow that we can do on the weekend to combine all the different sessions into one.  She has a “complete body 1” & “complete body 2” so we it gives us 2 weeks of workouts that we can use for variety and to hopefully become just as strong and flexible as the instructor J … Both of these programs in the CodyApp which I’m loving.

Planning block or Lunchtime:

  •  I am doing Ashley Galvin’s “Pure Flexibility” course, which are 30min stretching sessions – that stretch a different body part each day. It’s also in the CodyApp. (the benefits of doing warrior diet is I don’t eat until the evening so I am able to add in this component!)

Afternoon Practice:

  • This week, I trained in the afternoons trying out different Cody app sessions (30-60minutes).  I was mostly looking for another program to follow (like I did for the mornings), and I landed on Dylan Werner’s “True Strength Evolution 1” as a program to build strengthà  His workouts are 30min, so I can then add on a bonus stretching session using Dylan’s “plasticity” program in the CodyApp or one of the Alo Yoga Youtube stretching sessions to also work on my flexibility.  The Codyapp stretching programs are about 30minutes while the AloYoga ones are 15minutes.

The weekends are a little less structured…

  • I still get about the same number of steps, but do a longer ‘practice’ in the mornings, and evenings are optional for me.

Changing Goals

One of the things I noticed in a session with Ashley Galvin this week was how she instructed an option to go into a forearm stand.  I have been kicking up into a stand, which was incorrect.

  • Her instruction was to go from a dolphin pose into a 1-legged dolphin
  • and allow the leg in the air to go forward while you lift onto the toes of the foot that is down.
  • Then, gradually just shift your balance from the foot on the ground into the foot in the air (it looks like she is floating because her core is so strong),
  • and re-center so you are balancing completely on the forearms

In order to do this, I need to improve my core and shoulder strength significantly, as well as my FLEXIBILITY even more significantly.  So, I am going to step back from my goal of a handstand for a while and really focus on my splits/flexibility goal, while improving my core/shoulder strength as I continue to practice daily.  I expect the inversions will come naturally as I improve my strength and flexibility, so I’m not in any rush to get there.


I am starting a “Soul Detox” study plan (based on Craig Groeschel’s book) this coming week.

“When you clearly identify what is slowly killing you (more difficult than it sounds), you can take the toxic influences to Jesus for cleansing, purifying, and healing. When we identify the lies we readily tell ourselves, his truth can set us free.”

Mouth Taping

Apparently I’ve been breathing wrong… and I’ve been learning a lot about the benefits of nose-breathing and mouth-taping.  I am reading the “Oxygen Advantage” after listening to this podcast with Ben Greenfield and this one with Gabby Reese.

I got some mouth tape to use at night and when I’m working out by myself (like I won’t be seen by anyone .. haha).  If the podcasts pique your interests, I recommend getting the book where you can assess your fitness level using the BOLT test and then start doing simple exercises (like this one) to improve your BOLT score.

You can actually simulate altitude training using breathing training.  Other benefits include: better blood flow, weight loss, and improved fitness.

I’ve been a mouth-breather my whole life so this will take some work, but I’m excited to see if it does make a difference! J

My Current BOLT score is 18seconds.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Week of Yoga Workouts, Evolving Goals, Soul Detox, & How to breathe correctly (I’ve been breathing wrong my whole life!)

  1. I bought some mouth tape for my dad to try! I ordered Somnifix from Amazon and I am hoping it helps with his snoring. So glad to hear you are enjoying your life as a yogi!!

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