Week of Yoga, Giving Yourself Space to Grow, Warrior Diet Update

When you want something new and exciting to happen in your life, then you have to create some space. Too often we spend so much time and energy trying to figure out and anticipate every scenario. All the while God is saying, “Just create a little space for Me, and I’ll come in and fill it.


Dates: February 26-March 3

Here is what my typical weekdays are looking like:

Steps: approximately 11,000-16,000

When I jog with Nike for 30-40min in the mornings, I aim to keep my mouth closed so I’m just using my nose to breath in and out as recommended in “The Oxygen Advantage” that I posted on last week.  If I am running with a friend, then I keep it at a conversational pace. This means my pace is fairly slow (9-11min/mile) and is usually mixed with walking. I get about 6000steps during that first hour of my day and then just focus on being active the rest of the day to accumulate 12000 steps.

Daily Yoga Practice:

I do about 90minutes total each day.  At least 30minutes is a focused “flexibility” session, where it is all stretching and lengthening.  The other 60minutes is a mix of strength and flexibility – I just choose sessions based on how I feel from the CodyApp or Alo Yoga Youtube.

My goal with my workouts feel good/energized for my day.  I pray that my exercise enhances my life rather than being my life – I used to workout so I was exhausted most of the day and while I did achieve the physique goals I wanted, I also wasn’t happy.  So, my aim now is to start with gratitude and choose activities that my body needs and that I enjoy/look forward to.  Yoga has been a great fit.  And, I love that I can practice daily (I always hated days off).  On days that I am sore/tired, I choose to a more restorative flow and work on my flexibility.  On days I feel good, I choose a strength-building focused flow.

This week, I used the CodyApp and found I like using Jacqelin Umof’s “Good Morning Yoga” (20min sessions), Briohny’s “Ladder Flow” sessions (30-60minutes), and Ashley Galvin’s “complete body flows” , “bodystrong” flows, and “pure flexibility flows” (35-75minutes).  I also have kept using Dylan Werner’s “true flexibility” and Ashleys “pure flexibility” classes for stretching (30min each).

The weekends are a little less structured…

I still get about the same number of steps, but do a longer ‘practice’ in the mornings that includes strength and flexibility – I choose a session based on how I feel, and evenings are optional.



I love the yoga concept of creating space. I’m never forcing my body into a position or stretch… It’s just focusing on doing what I can do that day & then breathing/relaxing in a pose to create space. And the progress seems to happen … little by little…..

This same idea applies spiritually — this is From my @youversion “Awakening” devotional this week:

“When you want something new and exciting to happen in your life, then you have to create some space. Too often we spend so much time and energy trying to figure out and anticipate every scenario. All the while God is saying, “Just create a little space for Me, and I’ll come in and fill it.”
By seeking God and by following Him fully, you are creating space for God to move.” Don’t be discouraged by looking at the times you gave in or messed up. Be encouraged by this: when we draw near to God, He draws near to us.”

We all have tight spots & habits that we think are impossible to change- physically, spiritually, nutritionally. I would love for my legs to be able to do the splits, but they’re not there. Or to be an amazing prayer warrior , but that seems far-fetched as well.

Instead of feeling defeated as I have in the past, I just have to do what my body & heart is able to today, then pause there, breathe, & create a little space….

For me (spiritually), this means asking God to help me pray during a couple moments of the day and allowing Him to lead me in that time.  It can also mean playing some worship music while I stretch and sing softly or hum along (this also seems to help my body relax & get deeper in the stretches as well).

Physically, I create space during strength or stretching by staying with a pose for a moment longer – for one extra breath.  That extra 5-10seconds will build and build.

Warrior Diet Update

The warrior diet is going well for me, and I plan to keep it going.

The “underfeeding” portion of the day has gotten much easier after 3-4weeks. During the ‘fasting/underfeeding’ time, I drink water/tea/bcaas/ketoburst and will eat some pickles and olives if needed.  This lasts about 22-23hours. (from 630/730pm until 530/6pm the following day).

The toughest part of this phase is usually just after I jog and do morning yoga because I go home to change and get organized for the day.  Home is where I have my food and it is a little tempting to eat something.  Instead, I make up some hot water to mix with mocha bcaa’s and keto burst and/or chew on some gum until I leave for work.  At work, I only have tea, bcaa powder, pickles, and olives so my brain just seems to know its’ not time to eat.

I operate and work well with an empty stomach – and my body seems to like using my fat for energy throughout the day.  During the day, I am teaching and walking around and do about an hour of yoga after work.

Once I get home, I take Nike (dog) out for a few minutes to walk a little and then make my dinner.  This week I’ve been having a big bowl of salad mix (like a whole bag – about 12 cups) topped with some olive oil and vanilla protein powder (sounds weird I know, but I like it..), and I add in some air fried Brussel sprouts and raw almonds.  I don’t track my macros or calories, but I eat mindfully and stop when I get thirsty.  In the warrior diet, Ori explains that the ‘thirst’ feeling is a signal that we are full/done eating.

My body seems to be balancing out well and getting the nutrition it needs to function and seems to be leaning out, even as I do a less intense exercise/running regimen than I was last year. And, like I mentioned above, I am working out and eating to enhance my life – to GIVE my daily jobs/chores/relationships energy instead of being tired.  I’m still not perfect at it, but praying that God helps me do this a little more each day.

These are a couple of my favorite podcasts with Ori (author of the Warrior diet). I recommend his books as well if these podcasts pique your interest!


Have an awesome week!


10 thoughts on “Week of Yoga, Giving Yourself Space to Grow, Warrior Diet Update

  1. Thanks for recommending the You Version devotional. I’ve been doing these in the morning and on my lunch break since starting a fast with my church last month. Keeping up the habit even since we finished the fast, and so I have been looking for some others to do. The Awakening one you recommended was exactly the kind of devotional I love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!!! Thanks for commenting. I really enjoy the app as well. I’d like to get back to some paper/workbook ones eventually, but the app is good for maintaining progress during busy phases of life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree! It definitely can’t replace reading from my bible during my morning quiet time and I try to read a little from a “real” devotional book in the evenings, but You Version has been a game changer for squeezing in devotional study during the day!! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I always look forward to reading your updates. I love the idea of creating space. I’m thinking that by having more space ultimately leads to more energy and having purpose?!? Like you, I tend to operate best/am most productive on an empty stomach so I make sure my most important tasks get completed early on in the day & reserve things like email for later in the day. So glad to hear your workouts and nutrition are providing you with the fuel to have full and satisfying days. That olive oil & protein powder combo sounds interesting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Jo! It’s interesting how much more productive i am when I’m not thinking about food. And protein powder with oil (any kind) or PB is so good! Addicting slightly. Lol


      1. And that is largely why I food prep: don’t have to give any thought to food which makes space to be more productive with my time. Just pull out food and eat it when hunger strikes. And I may need to need to try that ‘dressing’ combo!

        Liked by 1 person

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