My Strengthen & Lengthen Yoga Routine, the 4 F’s, Warrior Diet Supplements

Progress photos

Here are my  “transformation” posts lately: you can read more about them on my Instagram posts here and here  and here.



Additionally I also got up into a headstand this week using just my core (not kicking up), and also without a wall for balance!  I’m not pursuing my handstand aggressively (although it is still a goal)… rather, I am focusing on increasing my flexibility which will make the more advanced poses more achievable in the future.  To me, this headstand is a good sign that this is the right path for my body.  I think I have the strength to do the moves or force them, but I believe that increasing my flexibility will prompt my body to fluidly and gracefully and organically get into these poses when my body is ready. You can see how much my splits flexibility has improved below also, which I think has directly affected my ability to do a headstand correctly.



Here’s the routine I’ve been using!

Strengthen & Lengthen Yoga Routine

Dates: March 4-March 10

Here is what my typical days look like: I feel like I’m finding a good rhythm with my yoga routine and warrior diet, and seeing some progress now.  (as shown in photos above)

Steps per day: approximately 11,000-16,000 … this is my “cardio” – I get some from work and some  from walking Nike (my pup).

Daily Yoga Practice:

As mentioned above, I am really focusing on my flexibility, and a little on strength. For a lot of the intermediate/advanced yoga poses, I need more flexibility to even attempt them so I feel it’s more important to build that and then work on strength more if needed.

In the mornings, I am practicing for 60min and mostly use the CodyApp  –

  • Option A: THIS is my Favorite option right now! I am loving this combo that works for 20minutes on strength and 40-45minutes on flexibility:
    • For these shorter strength flows, I like using Ashley Galvin’s “Complete Body Programs: 1 or 2” (20min)
    • For flexibility, I have been using one of Ashley’s “Pure Flexibility Flows” (different from her pure flexibility classes I mention below)
  • Option B: a 60minute full class either from the Codyapp or the Alo channel.. I find the longer classes include everything – strength and also some time working on flexibility. My favorites are the ones with Ashley and Briohny in the CodyApp, and the ones with Caley Alyssa on the Alo Yoga channel
    • I typically choose the type of classes I’d like based on how I am feeling. I’m starting to pick ones out the night before so when I get to the gym studio in the morning, I just pick it and go…. Instead of wasting 5minutes surfing around looking at all my options.



  • AFTERNOON Stretching Sessions:
    • Later in the day, my goal is to spend about 30min doing stretching/meditation/journaling. My favorite thing to do is play some worship music and following along with one of Ashley Galvin’s “Pure Flexibility Classes” or Dylan Werner’s “True Flexibility classes” from the CodyApp – these both are more ‘yin’ style and involve holding poses for 1-4 minutes and softening into them to really help improve flexibility.
    • I’ve still been using my R8 roller just before I begin practicing for a few minutes as well to help with opening my muscles up a bit more either, and I also use it during the static/yin stretches in the afternoon.

The 4 F’s and Steve Weatherford

I mentioned journaling above, and it’s not a lot.  But I am using the idea I got from a podcast I listened to with Steve Weatherford (on ‘the model health show’). Each afternoon/evening, I am spending a few minutes jotting in my journal how the day went with my 4 F’s (faith, fitness, family, “f”ilanthropy) … You can listen to the podcast I got this from here.  It’s excellent! Very practical.

There is another podcast here with Steve that is also great!



Warrior Diet and Supplements

I posted a bit last week about the Warrior Diet.  This week has been exactly the same with foods.  I make a huge salad, top it with some air-fried Brussel sprouts and almonds, and then top it with a bit of oil.  I shake it together and then sprinkle a couple scoops of whey on top (like parmesan cheese, but a sweet sprinkling!).  In his books, Ori (author of Warrior diet) promotes a low-glycemic vegetarian diet.  This seems to agree with my body really well too.  I find I am CRAVING my whey-salad at the end of each day and I really look forward to it!

  • I really like using Slap whey because the ingredients are very minimal, the flavor is great, and it is a great source of protein. I have a lot of other recipes that it can be used for here , but this “salad” is currently my go-to & favorite!  I like to keep things really simple, so I have my veggies (carbs), whey (protein), and oil/almonds (fats).
  • The other supplement I keep in supply are the digestive enzymes/probiotics from gains in bulk – code RebekahC10 is my code for their products.
    • I also have been using the Gains in bulk Nitric Oxide/Caffeine tabs in the morning for a little extra energy and also to open up the blood flow since it’s still under 30 degrees here in the mornings…
  • As far as during the day when I am “underfeeding/fasting”, I use BCAAs and KetoBurst and tea and water to drink. And I keep some pickles or olives in my work fridge in case I get hungry.  I also chew gum.


Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

PS – I am coaching a 10K training team on the weekends, and have a new page here that includes the training plan as well as the weekly emails I have been sending out in response to their questions each week (on shoes, nutrition, stretching/recovery, warm-ups, etc)


4 thoughts on “My Strengthen & Lengthen Yoga Routine, the 4 F’s, Warrior Diet Supplements

  1. Sounds like a smart plan to work on the flexibility then build strength if you need it. But wow, I’d say you are pretty strong to nail that headstand down! I need to catch up on my Model Health Show episodes, I am behind. Are you taking a multivitamin or fish oils to supplement?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jo! I don’t take either! I feel I’m getting enough fat and nutrients (i eat 2-3huge bowls of my salad and then have additional fat – pb- if needed too). I would consider using gains in bulks multi if i feel i need one, but so far i feel great and don’t think anything is “off”.
      I love model health show! This episode and the one with Jairek Robbins are 2 of my recent faves!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! Glad you are feeling great. I want to give that gains in bulk multivitamin a try so I plan to order next time I need to stock up on my digestive enzymes. I ordered the liquid cranberry stevia and it is delish, love a few squirts in my tea!


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