Dealing with Injury, New “Workout” plan, Myofascial Release, Muscle Flossing, and Alterations to Diet

Injury: Dislocated Shoulder 😦

Welp, just as I found a new groove for my “strengthen and lengthen” yoga routine, I dislocated my shoulder.  This is not the first time it’s happened (it’s the 3rd or 4th in the past 13 years), but it is the first time I had to go to an ER to get it put back in place.  Like, I could see the scapula sticking out of my back.. ugh.  I’m so thankful my husband was close by and was able to get me to an ER quickly (although it felt like a really long hour) …. I wasn’t doing anything crazy – not trying to do any hand/headstands…. I just went into a left-forearm plank and it popped out.  After talking to an orthopedic surgeon, we guess it was because my arms/shoulders were worn out and it just gave out.

The doctor recommended refraining from any type of shoulder/arm work – especially rotational and anything overhead – for 3-4 weeks and letting the injury heal, scars, and repair.

So, after pouting for a day & being frustrated, I chatted with my friend Jo and she basically confirmed what I thought I needed to do – use the time to focus on my hip/hamstring/calf flexibility.  I’m still able to walk/jog so I’m grateful for that, and am just listening to my body to give it a break and hone in on my fascia to loosen the muscles.

Surprisingly, I have actually been very sore this week!  I found myself getting addicted to myofascial release and muscle flossing, and my body just seems to crave more and more of it.  I think my body instinctually realizes it’s something that will release tension in my body and it’s giving me desire/motivation to do it until the fascia and muscle knots release.

New “Workout” – Yoga Routine & Muscle Flossing

Dates: March 11-March 18

Steps per day: approximately 11,000-16,000 … this is my “cardio” (this is the same)

Daily Yoga Practice:

I found a few programs to use in the CodyApp that are focused on mobility/flexibility in the hips/hamstrings/quads/psoas/calves/ankles that I did–

  • There are a few programs by Mackenzie Miller that I have downloaded and am liking – her programs called “hip/hamstring flexibility” and “hip flexor/quad flexibility” and “restorefit” are all designed to help improve mobility and loosen up the muscles/fascia in the lower body. She utilizes foam rollers and lacrosse balls and bands quite a bit.
    • One of the things she does is called “muscle flossing” and this was quite addictive to me – I was not very good at it due to all the knots that are apparently in my muscles and I developed a hunger/drive to keep flossing until my range of motion was fuller and I could feel the muscles loosening
    • I went through all the videos in her programs with myofascial release/flossing/stretching and recorded my favorites so I can go through them on my own now and spend more/less time depending on how I feel that day.
      • I easily spend an hour doing all these & could do more if I had all the time in a day.  I figure as I get loosened more, I will be able to just ‘maintain’ with 20-30min a day and focus in where I feel the tightness.  Right now, I’m tight all over so I’m just spending at least 5 breaths in each stretch, and at least a minute with each rolling/release.
    • I originally planned to just do 40minutes (2 sessions) with Mackenzie each day, but I found myself spending more than an hour (closer to 90minutes) doing her release techniques/stretches daily because my body just Needed
  • Once I completed (and wrote down) all Mackenzie’s techniques, l went back to the ‘true flexibility’ classes with Dylan Werner and ‘pure flexibility classes’ with Ashley Galvin to follow along with and then I added the myofascial release techniques either before or after the “workout”.

I will have to stay away from the ‘flow’ and ‘yoga’ based programs I was using due to the amount of shoulder work they include.  And, who knows, maybe this will completely transform how I design my workouts in the future.

Dislocating my shoulder was really scary, so maybe this is a sign that going purely yoga-based is not the best fit for me – maybe a mix of some easier vinyasa/flexibility yoga, lifting or Bodyweight intervals for strength-training (instead of strength based yoga), and ‘restorative/yin – based yoga/myofascial release’ would be better!  I know I will be scared/extremely cautious of doing any type of work where my hands are supporting my body weight again, and I don’t feel that is a fear I Need to face/overcome.  Although I do love the practice of yoga, I’d prefer to stay safe and work with my body. Even though I would LOVE to be great at yoga, I realize that my body might need a different approach to feel and look it’s best, which I am open to! …..  I have 3-4 weeks here to re-assess and kind of see where my body/life leads!

Warrior Diet Modifications

This week, I tried moving my main meal to lunch time where I have a stopping point –  I ate a High Fat, Low Carb (carbs are only from broccoli, almonds, nut butter, salad, brussels, other green veggies or peppers), moderate protein meal. I thought (maybe) since I have to stop at the end of my lunch break, this would give me a chance to feel satiated and I am not hungry later on in the day (or, if I am, I munch on some more almonds and/or green veg around 3/4pm).…. Although Ori recommends eating at night, it’s also important not to stress over when it is.  He is a big proponent of figuring out what works best for your body and going with it.

This ‘modification’ ended up not working for me.  I definitely prefer eating in the evening – I think because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps me relax. So, Friday, I went back to the underfeeding phase during the day and main meal at night!

My main meal this week includes some air-fried broccoli and almonds, plus extra raw almonds; and then my “protein fudge” – mixture of coconut oil, peanut butter, and whey isolate.

My next modification/plan is actually to use up the rest of my whey and start using actual meat – either wild-caught fish or grass-fed animals.  And also use aged &/or goat cheese for fats/proteins as well.  This is to eliminate the processed protein powder and focus more on actual foods.  If I find I prefer using whey, I will go back to that – this is just a modification/experiment to see if something works better like I did with the meal-timing!

I posted this meal on Instagram and had a few questions about my air fryer, so I’m re-posting it here with a chart of what temperature/how long to ‘fry’ foods for!  I use the air fryer almost daily and LOVE it.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! We had SNOW this week here … ugh! Hopefully it’s gone for good … I also got a cute shot of Baxter the cat this week so here he is! He’s scared of our dog, Nike, so he only comes downstairs when she is at doggy daycare. (we have a baby gate that blocks Nike from going upstairs)

PS – I am coaching a 10K training team on the weekends, and have a new page here that includes the training plan as well as the weekly emails I have been sending out in response to their questions each week (on shoes, nutrition, stretching/recovery, warm-ups, etc)…


7 thoughts on “Dealing with Injury, New “Workout” plan, Myofascial Release, Muscle Flossing, and Alterations to Diet

  1. Oh my, I feel so special to have a shout out, ha! You are so tough, I can’t imagine how scary it was to dislocated your shoulder. I, too, would be nervous and super cautious about getting back to the yoga practice. It is great you have changed gears to focus on lower body mobility and the muscle flossing. I’ve never heard of it, but it sure sounds useful! Have you checked out US Wellness Meats? I just started ordering meat from them and am super happy with the product and shipping, in fact no shipping cost for an order of 7lbs of meat or more! And yes to using the air fryer on the daily, I love mine too. Enjoy the protein fudge until you run out of whey, sounds delish!!

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