Intuitive macros

I’ve tried every single diet.

  • Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Low carb
  • Keto, zero carb
  • Vegetarian
  • 6meals/day bodybuilding meal plan
  • Macros
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Intuitive eating

To an extent, they all work. But, they are also a bit extreme and lack flexibility (aside from intuitive eating which gave (me, personally) too much flexibility). While all are great – as in they focus on eating “real” food & eliminating processed foods, they also can pin someone in a corner/hole if you choose to define yourself by your diet.

The important thing I’ve learned along my nutrition journey is Figure out what works for you personally & run with that. Don’t worry if that means you’re not “Keto” or 100% “vegan”, etc… Eat foods that You like & that your body processes well,

…. but don’t eat too much. I put this separate because I fall into a category that can gain weight very easily. (This is why I’ve spent so much time/energy on my diet & fitness — Maybe it’s vanity, maybe it’s a fear of getting fat, maybe it’s a desire to be happy/confident, maybe it’s a desire to feel good, maybe it’s a desire to be healthy, or maybe it’s just a mix of all those to some degree. ) Due to this genetic predisposition (mesomorph body-type), there is an advantage that I can build muscle easier & also keep it even with cardio/running. However, a disadvantage is that I can eat LARGE volumes of food before I get any sort of “full” signal. Therefore, doing a food journal or tracking macros is essential for me to “see” how much I’ve eaten as a way for my brain to process like: “ok, I just ate a 1/4cup of almonds”.

If you are like my husband, this may make Zero sense to you. He eats when he is hungry & stops when he is full. I love him to death, but sometimes I get so jealous of his body type. He’s one of those people who loses weight if he’s not actively trying to put on weight. 🙄.

I (hopefully) am at the end of the road of “trying new diets”. As a result of trying everything above, I’ve found that the best nutrition plan for me is what I’m going to call “intuitive macros” focusing on eating real foods, mostly local/organic if possible.

What is intuitive macros? I think it is taking the best of tracking food – using macro goals as guidelines – but not adhering rigidly to the numbers . Rather, it allows for intuitive eating – possibly eating more/less macros each day – and for reflecting at the end of each week, assessing what foods work best, adjusting macros as needed. It means eating when I am hungry, but tracking it so I don’t overeat. I’ve found that when i am too lazy to add something to my food journal, that means I’m full. So this eliminates boredom eating from my life.

Most people start tracking macros so they can eventually get to intuitive eating, but my brain gets more restrictive when I stop tracking. Like, I feel I need to restrict my food choices and/or eating window in order to “feel good”. However, when I track and journal my food, I allow myself more variety because I am keeping tabs on it.

So, that’s my story and what has led me to intuitive macros! I’m grateful for the whole journey and think the best fit for me is a mix of everything. Kind of like Goldilocks I suppose 🤷🏻‍♀️💗

I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve trained with & interviewed & connected with. There’s many different ways to eat, & the rigid diets work amazing for some. I have nothing against them or people who do them. I’m happy they’ve found their avenue to health & well-being.

“Love Yours & Respect Others”

The “intuitive macro” I plan to start with are the favorite set I had from last year when i was working with a macros coach- I’ll adjust accordingly every 5-7days. They are: 145p 150-200c 45-50f

Hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER. 💗

I got to hang out with my sister and mom this weekend & had a great time!


9 thoughts on “Intuitive macros

  1. Yes!!!! Love this and this way of eating! I feel the same actually! I can eat huge amounts of foods and never feel stuffed and/or satisfied? I’ve always wondered if that has anything to do with certain body types? I’m not sure what type I am but that is good to know! I have to be careful because I can go crazy sometimes. Especially after a long run! 🙂

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    1. Yes!!! I have days where i can just EAT like 10lbs of food and not feel full. :(. I have found that if i have a few tbsp’s of fat, it can take care of it though so i don’t end up feeling stuffed.
      There’s 3 body types- ectomorph (super lean no matter what), mesomorph (can add mass easily and keep muscle), and endomorph (adds mass easily, larger frames).
      The day after long run days were always a food fest for me 😩. I’m going to get back into running but stick to 5k’s for now so I don’t have to worry about that again (as much).


  2. Glad to hear your food journey has led you to a place where you have found what works for you. Would you say this approach is different than IIFYM in that you are choosing more nutrient dense types of foods than we see with the typical IIFYM approach? How is the misophonia?

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    1. Yes definitely focused on real food. I still will eat gluten free and lower carb. But i am including foods like apples and gluten free flour again :). But i don’t plan to go out and buy a bunch of protein ice creams or candy or miscellaneous products to include. I’m learning more about GMOs and pesticides and plan to go to my local farmers market weekly as well! What have you found that works?

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      1. Yes, I’ve never really related to the IIFYM approach but did eat quite a bit of gluten and dairy until a few months ago. Since making some changes, I’ve found what works best for me to to eat nutrient dense and wholesome foods while now tracking so I can track any flare-ups I may have. Since I am getting most my protein from meat sources, I now choose grass-fed options where in the past I didn’t care so much so I definitely am with you on making smarter choices regarding how our food sources are grown/fed.

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      2. That’s so awesome you did that. I really respect people who make the effort to change what they are doing in order to find their best solution. An elimination diet is no joke. What foods have you found you cannot have?

        I have found I prefer a vegetarian style approach for my own body, but do plan to eat wild caught salmon/sardines on occasion and also some steak/burgers on date nights :).
        I think if i was not working out, I’d lean more towards the very low carb and longer fasts. But with lifting/running, I’ve found I do best with high protein and a mix of veggies/fruits/fats for filling the plate. And it changes daily – I’m trying to be in tune with what it needs & more importantly- be in tune with when to stop so I don’t end up feeling bloated/gross. I’ve found that if my normal large dinner salad isn’t filling me up, it’s a sign my body is looking for a fat. So having 1-2tbsp of oil/PB seems to be the “night cap” it’s looking for at times.


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