Run Faster, Longer, Prevent Injury

I’ve been a runner for about 10 years now & have taken a few breaks from it here and there, usually due to an injury that can only be resolved by not running (plantar fasciitis). I’ve gotten Much smarter the last couple of years and have really focused on FORM and Recovery.


Recovery is crucial. Last fall when I hit all my PR’s, I committed to doing 10min of rolling/stretching daily (even if it meant stopping a mile short on my runs). I believe this got me to each start line healthily last fall as I was running 60-70miles a week, plus lifting.

As I’ve gotten back into it this week, I’m committing to doing at least 10min a day again and also doing 2 Days a week of 30minute “yoga for runners”.

Here are the tools I am using on YouTube for post-run flexibility:

“Post-Run Flexibility Playlist” – the 4 in the photo below are my favorites! There are some 7-15minute stretches as well as some that are 30minutes.

2 other tools for recovery:

  • I still use my R8 daily and believe it’s vital to keeping my legs healthy.
  • And I also just purchased some Oofos shoes (I’m wearing them in the above photo) that I wear all day after I workout. They are phenomenal and my feet Love them. I also have the flip flops for fancy occasions …. like when i wear jeans 😂

A little on Form

Running form is also a HUGE factor in preventing injury, but it can also help improve your speed & efficiency! Score! This could be an entire series of blogs, but these are couple of quick tips that have helped me most.

  • I blogged about how I improved my form to PR here.
  • And I also recommend this podcast for some great tips on “Chi Running”. (I hear this book is actually quite good, but haven’t yet read it myself).

Do you have any favorite YouTube yoga sessions that I’m missing out on?


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