New Training Plans: 5k and Faith

“Jesus is never focused on who we were, but on who we are becoming.” – Bob Goff

After a hiatus from running, plyos, and lifting — due to life, a little runner burnout, and shoulder dislocation — I finally felt like I was ready to get going again this past week.  Since the California Marathon in December, all I’ve really done is some easy cardio and mostly yoga.  I tried lifting a couple times but just wasn’t motivated at all.  Honestly, I think my body needed time to recover and I think dislocating my shoulder (while just doing a side plank) was evidence that it needed time off.

I pushed it hard last year and managed to PR in my 10K, half marathon, and full marathon. But, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And my body was just done.  

Now (after 4months off), it’s ready and motivated to train again, but in a better and smarter way! I put together a training plan for myself for 5k’s (here) and also a plan for spiritual growth (here).

I chose 5K distance (over the long distance training) because:

  1. I’d like to keep a variety of things (running, lifting, yoga, plyos) in my workouts,
  2. I’d like to build up my lean mass (muscle) to where it was before – I’m giving up on being “light” & am fine with going for “density” (I’m actually going to stop weighing myself and just go by photos/how clothes fit as progress markers), and
  3. Nike (my dog) and I can train for 5k’s together – I found a few in my area this spring/summer/fall! 🙂

The 5K plan really doubles as just a general “get in shape” plan for myself with a focus to build muscle but not bulk, increase flexibility, increase speed, and get back in good cardiovascular shape.

You can check out the plans in the menu above or go here (5K plan) or here (spiritual fitness plan) .

Feel free to check them out, use them, or just take ideas.  Let me know if you have any favorite lifting routines, podcasts, books, etc, that would be worth checking out!

Food: As far as nutrition, I’m tracking my macros again (loosely – like, not measuring everything in grams… just kind of eyeballing portions) with a goal to get 150grams of protein a day. The rest of the food stuff will land where it will.  As long as I’m keeping a food log, it will keep me on track towards my goals because I can sense/feel if I’m eating too much or too little and adjust. I’m back to enjoying my protein ice cream again, and still keeping the air fryer trend going at my house (although Chris calls my brussel sprouts stinky! but they are delicious… especially with some cheese).

Supplements: I still use the gains in bulk digestive enzymes/probiotics daily, slap greens, protein powder (for ice cream!), slap salted caramel bcaa’s, and gains in bulk N.O. explode for caffeine in the morning. You can go to this page for links to buy, as well as discount codes you can use to get 10% off. (or just go to the ‘sponsors and discounts’ tab in the menu)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!!




4 thoughts on “New Training Plans: 5k and Faith

  1. So great that you have reignited your passion for training! Sounds like you have a good plan in place to train for the 5ks. Building muscle might be tough with all the running that you have programmed, but if anyone can do it, it is you! And very smart to use progress pics because they will be what tells you are accomplishing your goal of body recomposition! Good luck!!


    1. Thanks! My body keeps muscle pretty well! Doing 4-5miles a day is much less than what i did for the marathon (70m/week). Plus The first 2 miles are like a warmup for me (running to the gym), which is a nice way to break it up! :). It’ll be fun to race with Nike i think!


  2. I’ve stopped weighing myself too! I haven’t since before X-mas. I know I’ve gained bc my clothes are tighter (and I track calories and I’ve been eatingmore, so…duh) and in the past I’ve always been more motivated by pictures and clothes fit. I mean, the number is fine, but I’m really (if I’m being honest) trying to LOOK a certain way, not trying to weigh a certain number, you know?

    So do you include stretching time in your workout time?

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