Week of Training: Macros, Workouts, Chi Running, Faith – April 15-21

I am focusing on who I am becoming, not on my past mistakes or successes.  “Jesus never focused on who we were; He only focuses on who we are becoming.” – Bob Goff


One of the great things about blogging (if you are experimental like me) is that I have a workout and food log I can look back to.  I looked back at my blog and instagram and figured out I felt best during my reverse diet when my macros were at about 145p 200c 45f (1785kcals approx/day, allowing for a refeed day once a week of close to 2500-3000kcals) and my workouts consisted of running 40-50mpw with 30min/day (most days) of lifting or Insanity.

Week of Training: Workouts, Chi Running, Faith, and Macros

  • Below is a weekly checkoff page I print off each week to hold me accountable to my fitness and faith goals. You can get the PDF of this here.
  • I am using this fitness training plan  – although I would say that my daily goal is simply to just to do a 30min workout (insanity or lift), run 40-60min/day, and stretch/roll 10minutes/day (i try to do 30min yoga when I can). I take recovery/rest days as needed but still get in some walking and yoga if I can to help encourage recovery.
  • I’m using this faith training plan.
  • I have also added cleaning 10minutes to my faith chart here because that’s something else I need to do daily.
  • I added Macros & 12-hour fast to my fitness chart – my goal is just to keep a food log in the mymacros+app & to fast 12 hours for digestion (typically from 7pm-7am)– I’m not worrying about hitting my macros exactly – just really tracking them again, which means weighing out my protein powder & flours and PB instead of eye-balling it.  I’m using the set of macros that I felt best at while I was training with ADO Fitness which is 145p 205c 45f. Again, I’m not being super strict, I’m just being mindful and tracking accurately.   I am a proponent for a high protein diet based on Lyon’s research which I discovered on this podcast. (she also talks about fasting 12hrs/day for digestion)  You can actually download her “Lyon Protocol” free here.


Favorite RECIPE this week

I had a LOT of protein frosty’s this week and LOVE the combo of using PES protein powder with 1/2 scoop of Shakeology or 1 scoop of Slap Chocolate Greens in each.


Chi Running:

I ordered a book called Chi Running this past weekend and am making my way through it as well as a series of podcasts with Danny Dreyer (author of Chi Running) and am incorporating those principles into my running. So far, I am a fan!  It actually agrees with the Oxygen Advantage book I read a month ago or so where nose-breathing is encouraged throughout aerobic work, so I feel it is a step towards a more relaxed running form that is efficient and prevents injury.

What is Chi Running? From the website:

ChiRunning is based on movement principles of T’ai Chi, but you don’t need to know T’ai Chi to ChiRun. All you need to know is how using your core can transform your running.

  • Chi (pronounced “chee”) is the energy that unites body, mind, and spirit.

  • Energy moves from your core (also known as your “center” or “dantien”) into the limbs to create movement.

  • Engaging your core and relaxing your limbs allows your legs to simply support your body weight instead of pushing or pulling it forward.

  • When your structure is aligned and your muscles and joints are relaxed, chi can flow freely through the body, making running feel effortless.


Current Bible Study and Reads:

*both are by Priscilla Shirer: Discerning the Voice of God is a daily bible study workbook and Fervent is a book on prayer – both are very good!


Happy Sunday everyone!



10 thoughts on “Week of Training: Macros, Workouts, Chi Running, Faith – April 15-21

  1. Sounds like a great lifestyle plan you have here! Are you still trying out your hubby’s protein cookie routine at night? How is the management of the misophonia going? I bet the running will be so refreshing with the weather getting warmer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The miso is disappearing I’ve noticed. I think some of it was caused by the gluten inflammation but then there was also a component of separating the noises from the anxiety. I’ve found that doing yoga and getting good sleep are very helpful to decrease the anxiety/stress too. :).
      We have a lot of cookies! Haha. I’ve been experimenting more with baking actually and letting him have the Lenny&Larrys (his favorite!). My goal is to get a new recipe up on here once a week. 🙂


  2. I love these posts! So much useful information! Also, the faith training plan is pure gold. I’ve never come across anything like it. Really, there are so few people in the health niche that also understand the importance of (and/or have the desire to) connect their personal growth and physical training with their spiritual growth. To me, they are all vital components of one aim and I love that others out there feel the same way 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I enjoy sharing it (its also a useful tool for myself) because it’s what I wished some of my favorite fitness/faith inspirations did. I think God has used my passion for fitness to show me how I express love/passion. I’m not a loud, front row of church person – I’m more of a quiet, but disciplined type. God showed me how I plan& study fitness/food & that style could also be transferred into my walk with him. I think both are vital as well :).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amen to that! I can totally relate to being more behind the scenes service oriented.
        I love that nobody had the tool you wanted so you just decided to create it. That’s something I should try to do myself at some point 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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