Flufftastic Protein Waffles and Week of Workouts: April 22-28

3-part Blog post with: my week of workouts chart, flufftastic waffle recipe, and brief review of the bible study workbook I just completed… fitness, food, faith 🙂

Here is my accountability chart for the week, which you can read more about here  (like what macros I am using, why the 12hr fast, etc) and/or you can download this template I use if you’d like to use it yourself.


I have not been to the gym in a few weeks! I have been doing the T25 workouts (from the BOD app) in my garage and running and feel good doing that right now.  Sometimes the T25 workouts have moves I find silly or not challenging, so I have been adding in my weight vest a few times a week and I try to incorporate my jumprope into as many moves as I can (i.e. when ShaunT has us running in place or doing buttkicks, I will do those with the rope).  I try to do the T25 session before I run, but sometimes it gets reversed and I don’t stress over that.  One of my first posts was on why I try to do my workouts in this order.  Consistency is the most important thing – order is secondary for me.

As far as running, I have been focusing on my form and haven’t paid much attention to pace when I run on my own.  I’ve been incorporating the principles from Chi Running (which I mentioned here), and my speed has gradually begun to improve over the past couple of weeks.  When I run with Nike, I mostly just focus on not tripping over the leash and enjoying the time. I am currently just shooting for 40-50miles/week.



This is one of my favorite waffle recipes — it’s super fluffy, just 3 ingredients, and has great macros: 34g protein, 12g carb (6g of fiber), 4 g fat (220kcals).  It is gluten free and you can use any protein powder in this recipe (I used PES, but have also used a whey isolate and a vegan powder in this recipe)


  • preheat and grease waffle iron
  • mix together the following ingredients
    • 2 tbsp water
    • 9tbsp liquid egg whites
    • 2/3 scoop (21grams) protein powder
    • 3 tbsp (21grams) coconut flour
  • place in waffle maker and cook until finished!
    • I had a couple gains in bulk digestive enzymes while I waited (code and info on these here)
  • Top with your choice of fun toppings.
    • I used some of the new arctic zero light ice cream (this is the PB-Choc. Chip one, but the toffee is by far my favorite of their new line)
    • and also some eat enlightened bean crisps (these are fava beans seasoned with sea salt — addicting on their own, and also make a great topping for protein ice cream, salads and waffles )



This is another favorite thing I used the arctic zero with this week – making a Creamy Vanilla Latte using the vanilla bean ice cream on top of my mix of optimum nutrition vanilla latte bcaas that I mix with hot water (the mocha bcaas are also a favorite)



“When you make hearing His voice the primary pursuit of your life, you can expect to hear Him more clearly than ever before.” – Dr. Tony Evans 

This week, I wrapped up my bible study “Discerning the Voice of God” by Priscilla Shirer and have started 2 new ones called “A Wife after God” and “A Wife after God’s own Heart”.


I really liked the Priscilla Shirer devotional and it’s probably one I will do again in the future — some of the points she makes, I was ready to apply… but some of the other ones were more advanced in a way (like, I took note of them and can start working on it, but I am definitely not at the level of her descriptions).  That being said, I think it’s a really good study that anyone can do and find inspiring and challenging.  One of my favorite times is sitting at the table in the quiet of the morning with my workbook and bible (app) – it’s so peaceful, and Nike (my pup) insists on sitting on my lap quite awkwardly, which annoyed me at first, but now it’s one of my favorite things to do with her.

Hope you all have a great week!



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