Protein Cookie Dough Bites

My sister Elizabeth has this thing for chickpeas so I’ve been working on creating a recipe using them that I also like.  The catch though is that I don’t own a food processor (I know, I’m failing at being a food blogger… good thing I don’t get paid for this)…. so blending them like most recipes do that use garbanzos is not a fun process for me.  As a result this SUPER easy recipe was born.  Laziness is the source of invention right??

Ingredients you’ll need: GarBANZOS! (LOL, fun to say!), sea salt, protein powder (I used PES), coconut flour, pam spray


I’m a huge texture person, and cookie dough has always been a favorite of mine.. and cookie dough blizzards from Dairy Queen was probably my favorite meal back in the day! I’m stoked to have this recipe in my arsenal now and have made it every morning for my post workout breakfast since discovering it! 🙂


One of my goals that I discussed with my coach, Amber, is to be LESS hungry and bloated in the evenings, so I’ve been working on front-loading my macros early in the day and making sure I get 55% of my carb-macros in my pre/post workout meals (I workout in the mornings)! And, then I eat a lighter lunch and dinner :).

This week, I’ve been using my pumpkin protein muffins, my chocolate chip protein cookies, this cookie dough recipe, my protein ice cream recipe (using shakeology), and UCAN powder (I use 1 scoop before workout and 1/2 scoop after, mixing it with hot water and some mocha bcaas.. to make a healthy hot mocha latte).


5-ingredient Protein Cookie Dough Bites Recipe:

First thing — drain the GarBANZO bean can & dry off the beans.  I found the BEST way to make these was to dry off the beans, place them in a different container (NO lid), and refrigerate them for a few hours.

**Note: you can actually use any type of canned bean for these… but garBANZO is more fun to say 🙂

  • If they aren’t already, place the garbanzo beans in a container or bag (something that can be closed so you can shake it up later
  • spray the beans with some oil-spray
    • if you’re apprehensive about using regular non-stick spray (I know, I am probably risking my life by using it), pam does sell new spray pumps now that you can use… I did not add these into the macros because I didn’t use much, just sprayed it like I would a pan before baking
  • top the beans with:
    • sprinkle of sea salt, or regular salt
    • 14 grams (2 TBSP) of Coconut flour
    • 15 grams of Protein Powder (1/2 scoop if you use PES)
    • you can add stevia or splenda or sugar if you’d like, but I found PES to be sweet enough for me


  • You can enjoy these as is! Refrigerate what you don’t use.


  • You can bake them at 400 degrees for 15ish minutes until the edges turn brown.  I actually used the air fryer and let them go 10min at 400degrees. Refrigerate what you don’t use


Macros per serving:

8g protein, 19g carb, 2.5g fat (116kcals)

This recipe makes 4 servings. Each is about 1/2cup!

Healthy Reese’s Cookie Dough Blizzard: 250 Calories

  • make up a bowl of protein ice cream (approx. 100kcals) or my protein frosty
  • Mix in cookie dough (116kcals) and Reese’s pieces (10 pieces = 40kcals) !



As always, I eat 2-3 athlete digestive enzymes/probiotics before my breakfast to help me get the most nutrients out of my food (helps with muscle repair and rebuilding) and keeps me regular! Use code RebekahC10 for discount (a bag of 270 enzymes (3-4month supply) is $30 when you use my code. 

Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY! 🙂 Let me know if you like this recipe and/or what desserts you’d like to see ‘healthified‘ in the comments below.  I’m loving you all tagging me on instagram with your versions of the recipes so I can share them! 🙂 Thank YOU!




5 thoughts on “Protein Cookie Dough Bites

  1. I used to make roasted garbanzos back in my food blogger days. I LOVED them to the point that I’d eat the whole batch in on sitting and…well….my GI system wasn’t a fan. LOL

    FYI – you can blend them with the ninja really well! If you heat them up, the get really creamy, just add a few drops of water. 😀

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