Macros & Training Update, May 14-20: Front-loading & Avoiding Evening Bloat

This is an update on my current workouts, macros, and another goal I’m working on with Amber (my nutrition coach)- not feeling bloated in the evening. I’m trying out a couple new things that seem to be working well!


  • Current macros (on workout days) : 145p 240c 50f (1990kcals)

I get macros from Amber each week based on my individual progress each week. As you can see, I don’t hit my macros on the dot, but I do get pretty close most days. I had a refeed day on the 17th, which was the day Chris and I attended an LPGA Pro-Am party, which I shared a little about here!


I’m keeping this pretty simple these days. I do a mix of running, lifting, plyos, & yoga…

On my workout days the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing:

  • Either a T25 workout (from the Beachbody app) OR a 21minute lift or Carve2.0 Lift (PDF of the workouts is here)
  • Run 5-8miles (40-60min)
  • Stretch 5-10minutes — I posted a bit about my daily yoga/stretching routine here

I’m also still using the “faith training plan” and accountability chart from this page.

Front-Loading to Avoid Night Bloating

One of the goals I had when I began with Amber a few weeks ago was to not feel bloated at night. One thing I tended to do was “save” macros/calories for later in the day, which meant I was often tired during the day & then would eat a lot at the end of the day until I felt really full which didn’t feel good. I started following Amber’s recommendations for including 55% of my daily carbs in my pre & post workout meals. This means I’m eating 900-1100kcals before 10am most days, but it’s actually working:

  • I have had better workouts due to having carbs before it
  • I have more energy during the day
  • I assume my body’s recovering from workouts better with the food it’s getting after the workouts
  • And I’m not as hungry in the evening.

Instead of worrying about “wasting” macros early in the day, I’m finding that they actually help achieve my goal of improving fitness & eliminating bloat 🙌🏼. Here’s a couple of examples!I have my preworkout drink during my bible study in the mornings about 5am. And workout around 530ish-7am-ish. Trusting that I won’t overeat or be extra hungry later on in the day has been the toughest part of eating so much early in the day. But giving it a chance has been one of the best steps I’ve done with my food/nutrition so far 😃.

“Eat like a king in the morning, a prince(ss) for lunch, & a pauper for dinner”

The current bible studies I’m doing right now are very good:

I posted a little today on Instagram about hiring a coach & finding one who is concerned with overall health. If you’re interested in Learning more about Amber and macros, you can check out an interview I did with her here on fitnessrxwomen.

I also have to give a huge thank you to my husband who got me the sweetest anniversary gift 🌹 💝 & We went out to watch some golf 🏌🏼‍♀️ for a date 😃


7 thoughts on “Macros & Training Update, May 14-20: Front-loading & Avoiding Evening Bloat

  1. What a great idea with the front loading I have been ending my eating window by 2:30 p.m daily which is kinda similar right? I find that I feel amazing when it’s bedtime and also my workouts really feel like they have boosted, it’s just hard because I only do 2 meals a day, but I have to get 2500 calories in so it’s kinda difficult. Do you feel really stuffed when you front load? I’m very curious. Great post.

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    1. I noticed that you said you stopped eating earlier in the day. I feel my body is ready for the calories right before & after my workouts so it uses the food well. And I don’t feel stuffed. I think part of it is I’ve also figured out what foods my body really likes especially in terms of carbs. I get the 110-130g of carbs early in the day from Ucan (starch powder), agave, rice, rice cakes, coconut flour… & i use salad/veggies/salsa later in the day :).

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  2. Sorry, I feel like I cant get my daily calories right I have been doing 2,500 calories and sometimes I lose and sometimes I gain a few. It’s weird because online it says a guy my size should be eating like over 3200 calories daily but my gosh every time I try to do that my next weigh in I always go up. How did you find your daily caloric number?

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    1. I’m working with a macros coach. But the more I pay attention to my body, the more I believe that there is no “set” amount for everyday. Some days i don’t need all the macros I’m allowed & some days i need more. Having the coach/macros as a guide is really helpful, but even more so I think is being consistent/accurate in tracking what I eat & paying attention to how I feel to get attuned to the ebbs/flows of my own body. We are a study of one. 🙂

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