Week of Macros & Training: Importance of Belief & Being Consistent

Hope everyone is having a safe Memorial Day Weekend. I’m just relaxing here, thinking about the last week & what was good & how I can improve next week.

I checked in with my coach today & I’m feeling really energized with the macros she has me on. I was up a pound today from last week but have been feeling great in workouts and in everyday life. Something I focusing on is when I feel good & what I’ve done to produce that. Then repeating that.


This week my macros were at 145g protein, 250g carbs, 52g fat (2048kcals). However, I was tracking my rice incorrectly and was actually over by about 20g carbs (80kcals) each day. The back of the package says 1/4c dry = 1cup cooked, but when I weighed it out on Saturday, I realized it’s more like 1/3c dry= 1cup cooked.

It’s fixed now in my app :).

Otherwise, I was pretty close to hitting my macros each day!

Workouts :

Right now, I’m running about 50miles/week, doing a T25 daily (strength/speed/core), & doing some stretching/mobility work for 5-10min a day. I feel good! I think eating 50-55% of my total carbs in my pre&post – workout meals is really helping.

I’m feeling so good that I’m considering racing again. Instead of just signing up for a race, I’ve created 3 cycles of training (21days each) to see how my body does & go from there. If my body can handle the mileage healthily, & (more importantly) can have energy throughout the day, then I will consider it :).

2 Keys to Success: Belief & Consistency

The title says 2 Keys but I think if you believe in something, the consistency is easy because your actions will line up with what you believe.

Beliefs control biology, biology controls behavior, and behavior determines success. ….

Belief is unconscious – it’s where what we hold true about ourselves resides…

What you believe about yourself and your world is the primary determinant of what you do and, how well you do it..”

– Dr. Beecham, Elite Minds

You can choose what you believe and focus on. If you believe that running is good for you (or bad), you’ll act accordingly. Before I began studying Chi Running, I was kind of nervous that running would ultimately injure my body & I was unconsciously anxious (just my own theory- i obviously don’t know what my unconscious mind was doing) that there was going to be an end to running.

As I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts on Chi Running , I’ve come to believe it is a lifetime sport that improves longevity and health. Once I flipped that switch, I have found running to be exciting and enjoyable again. I’m not “waiting” for an injury to happen. I see it now as an endeavor that can continue to progress as I get older.

Here is a good podcast on chi running if you’re interested!

In order to change, we have to change what we believe. When you believe in what you’re doing, you don’t need motivation or inspiration to do it. We act according to what we believe.

If I say I believe something, but my actions don’t line up with it, then there is something limiting that belief.

If I believe that God should be my number 1 priority but my schedule and habits don’t reflect it, then I don’t really believe it. I might say it, but I would be unhappy because my actions are not congruent with it.

When actions and belief do line up, I believe that is when we are our best selves. I am disciplined, have priorities in line, & making consistent progress in an authentic way.

Have a great week everyone!


3 thoughts on “Week of Macros & Training: Importance of Belief & Being Consistent

  1. GREAT POST! I did a lot of thinking yesterday and I came to a similar conclusion. My actions haven’t aligned with my beliefs recently and while I don’t know why, I do know that I still hold those beliefs very firmly, so I need to remember them and reflect on them daily and especially when I start acting in ways that are counter to them.

    For example, I very strongly believe that real food is healthier for the body and mind than processed food, but I have been eating more and more and more processed food. Not surprisingly, my body and mind haven’t been at their peak since I started this.

    I don’t know what the answer is – do I continue to track macros or just simplify and focus only on real food? But I am going to just try to take small steps towards aligning my actions with my beliefs.

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